The Evolution of My Personal Choice of Music

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  • Author Ellisen Wang
  • Published June 22, 2020
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I find it interesting that as time goes on, the type of music we listen to changes, at least it happens to me.

My first exposure to music was listening to my cousin’s playlist. He mainly had a lot of rock songs from bands like Linkin Park and Green Day.

As I got older, I started to follow the mainstream pop music. I listened to artists like Sia, Justin Timberlake, and Maroon 5. Then I traveled back in time to explore the 90s hip hop music from people like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Tupac, and The Notorious B.I.G. thanks to the influence of my former Burger King crew, but also less vulgar songs from people like Michael Jackson and N’Sync.

More recently, I got into electronic dance music not just because it’s fun to listen to, but it’s also because I wanted to study how that type of music is structured so I can learn how to produce my own EDM soundtracks.

But then I went from listening to that to listening to piano music for two main reasons.

Number one, I think the piano is the most beautiful sounding instrument to ever exist. Anyone who thinks otherwise is my opinion...haha...wrong.

And number two, I can listen to it while I work and it wouldn’t interrupt my trains of thoughts and workflow.

That’s also the idea to keep in mind when you’re writing copy.

You want to write it in a way that it flows smoothly, and that it’s compelling so your reader can read it all the way through without anyone or anything disrupting them from reading your copy in one sitting.

After all, that’s the most important part:

Grabbing and holding their attention.

Without that, your copy is useless. So how do you make sure you keep your reader’s attention?

Put the focus on them. No one likes to listen to someone else brag about themselves. No one cares.

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