How to make a Picture out of text your way of healing the world

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  • Published July 1, 2020
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Every human wants to love and most especially wants to be loved. And that is why we tend to dissipate all our energies when we have the chance of having someone to love us. Or when we have a family or dear one that often gives us support. When we give love a chance, love heals us, motivates us, and strengthen us. Love, as we know, is not limited to dating and marriages, but love is what we should live every day of our life. And most times, we are always in need of so much love when we are down, in need of attention, and it seems all hope is being lost. Love can still keep us going in life, loving and caring for a sick person can be the strength for them.

Many people give up when they are sick and at the point of death because they felt there is nothing more worth living for in life. Everyone needs love, attention, and care, but someone at the point of death or facing problems need more. We can be a strength for someone weak, even when everything around them does not encourage them to be strengthened. We can be a reason why someone will fight for their life on their sickbed, even when all odds to live are against them. Our words can be the reason someone somewhere will aspire to be great in life. People will always have more courage to fight on in life when they know they are not alone, and they have someone somewhere supporting them. We might have someone that is failing in their businesses or even in their life generally? We can stand up for them simply by using a picture with words of encouragement.

Encouragement has a way of giving people energy to do things and a way of increasing their self-esteem. If someone is having a problem knowing how beautiful or handsome, they are, an act of encouragement is looking for their photo and then change the picture to words. Use words that are enough to tell them how much beauty they have. If someone fails academically, then use it as a chance to say to them that they are not failures and can always try again. Or we have someone that just had success on something; we can encourage them too to fight for more victory and never to relax. We cannot tell; it might be our child, our spouse, friends, and even our parent. As long as they are human, they will require encouragement sometimes in their lives.

The journey of life is a very long one, but we go faster when we have people around us. Not just people, but people that care for us, love us, and always encourage us to strive further and never to stop. In our downtimes, we tend to overthink ourselves into depression and into giving up. In our downtimes, we tend to be cynical about things, but when we have people around us with positive energies, we are halfway out of the problem. Making a photo out of text can be our way of spreading positive energies to people who need it. It does not have to be people that loved us only. We can always go out of our way to encourage people that need to be encouraged. A child having a terminal disease fighting for his or her life needs your encouragement. Children that are Homeless and orphans need to be encouraged. And encouraging people does not have to be expensive; they need to be touched by what they offer them. A picture with beautiful words is a way for us to pass our message of encouragement to them. A photo to words given to someone can be the reason someone who has given up on life and ready to commit suicide to develop a will to live.

There are also times when someone is going through downtimes in their lives and will be unknown to us. They may not show it, but unknowingly our gift of a picture with words can be a way of surprisingly encouraging them. So, let us support people around us every time; do not wait for them to have a problem before you do. Because unexpectedly, we might be saving a life out of death. And our words of encouragement may not be directed to an individual, and we can strategically pass it in a way that will benefit a lot of people. Imagine a printed form of a photo to words or pictures with words been hung in a hospital, a church, our workplace, or at the entrance of your home. It will help to pass a fantastic message to different people and at different times. A JPG format of a picture out of text can be posted on our social media pages, and thousands of people will be encouraged depending on the audience.

Our words of encouragement can be the only gift that will really matters to someone especially when done with love and a sense of care. Our encouragement matters a lot if that is the only thing we know how to offer. Then let us aspire to be good at doing it, spread love through our words. Our words can be healing in the hearts of many. People can live their whole life for one thing, which is “LOVE,” and they can also end their existence because of the same “LOVE.” And our words can birth the love that they need to survive. Here at a photo to text, you can brand your words of encouragement on a lovely picture, and the process to do this is very simple. Start by uploading your photo, then the words you want to put on them. Choose your background, and there will also be a preview for you to make necessary adjustments. Then your picture with words is ready, and you can start spreading the love and encouragement.

It does not matter how little a word of encouragement might be; the benefits can never be underestimated. Follow the steps above and learn how to make a picture out of text a way to encourage someone.

Be an agent of healing to the world around you, picture to words can be your only contribution to free someone from drowning in hopelessness. Visit us at

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