Types of Certifications for Digital Marketing

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Types of certifications for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a kind of marketing strategy which is an effective way of reaching out to many customers on the internet platform. In this 21st century every organization in the world would like to make their presence on online to reach out to their customers.

So every organization is looking for highly talented Digital Marketing executive to hire on their portfolio’s to enrich their business in the market.

Every Digital Marketing should hold digital marketing certifications in their career which will be an added advantage to their resume.

Digital Marketing Certification are SEO, Google Analytics, Hootsuite Social Marketing Certifications, Google Ads, HubSpot Content Marketing, YouTube Certifications and many more.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization tool. It is considered as highly recommended certification which every digital marketing trainee has to hold in their career. It teaches the skills and training for how to optimize the search engine with effective keywords.

The search engine optimization makes every business website improve their position from second page to first page on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

There are many organizations are providing SEO certifications such as MOZ’s free SEO

Course for beginners, HubSpot Academy SEO, ClickMinded SEO Course and others.

Google Analytics certification is most preferred certification by the Industry because it’s direct and free certification program from Google itself. This certification test contains 70 questions with time frame of 4 to 5 hours and certification is provided by Google Analytics Academy.

Google Analytics certification helps to measure and understand performance of various campaign metrics and KPI’s (Key performance Indicators). This skill set helps to understand website traffic from how and where traffic is coming to website.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certifications is one another certification preferred by market. In general Social Media itself has very vast presence in the market because social media reaches every nook and corner of the world, and very saturated space.

Hootsuite offers social media training on online sessions with core concepts of social media marketing how to implement social media tools, impact of these tools on website performance with respect to website traffic, brand promotion, customer engagement activities and other beneficiary activities.

However, as mentioned above there are many more Digital Marketing certifications are available in the market which brings many changes for one’s career if they undergone a certification training sessions and clear those certification exams.

There are many opportunities are awaiting businesses to compete in the market and make the best use of available resources in Digital Marketing program to increase the sales, footprint, brand awareness, customer engagement activities and other activities to win the heart of end customer.

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