Young Guru explains How to get Paid on Youtube the New Rich Way! YouTubers won’t want to miss out on this.

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  • Published July 7, 2020
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Hello, you are looking to learn how to get paid on YouTube, right?

No problem, I’m going to reveal to you the ins and outs of making money on Youtube. The reason I’m the right person to coach at a high level when it comes to youtube video marketing is because it’s how I quit my job and ranked numerous videos having to do with google terms pulling in a bulk of searches per month.

The reality is, that doesn’t make such a difference to me as it did before.

What is important to me at this very moment are the hundreds of partners (working to help way more) who have had an exponential increase in their subscribers, leads, and customers since consistently using my youtuber strategies.

At first, I only started making youtube videos because I was an affiliate of a wealth program and I’d created videos to refer people to the trainings the company had to deliver on. I never thought to be a ‘youtuber’, I was only doing it to increase the traffic to my website. After a few tries and fails of me uploading new recordings to the huge social site, I started seeing new subscribers, new views, and new sales damn near automatically. People started to buy my creations!

I started to enjoy record youtube videos.

It was the first time in my life anything business-oriented REALLY started working for me.

At the time I was working 12-hour shifts for a measly Eight Fifty per hour as a security guard or I could’ve been at the dead-end Baby’s R’ Us job I had.

I don’t exaclty remember.

I just know I was new to business and earnestly looking for a way OUT of being trapped in the rat race.

...I was always ambitious and looking for opportunity but I didn’t make any sales for a while using the old-school traditions I learned from the businesses I was affiliated with...

My initial big payment as an affiliate marketer took place when I began studying how to get paid on Youtube. I had no clue I was making money as a youtuber but no matter how you look at it, I was. I went from being depressed for for a while at my 9 to 5 jobs to getting into my comfort zone as an entrepreneur and firing my boss.

A false belief is that you need to have many subscribers to make a good residual income and that is complete and utter nonsense. Please don’t trust in people who say that nonsense! They will deceive you out of living the way you want.

There are an unimaginable amount of ways to make money on youtube however I’m going to share the three profitable ways in this report.

Get paid on Youtube by the Ad-Clicks You Get:

If you were to ask me, I know it would’ve taken me forever to fire my boss if I was depending on my watchers to build fast enough to click many ads on my videos. I don’t have many subscribers right now (I currently have 4,936 at the time of this post) but I’m still able to live life on my terms. I am very much so aware there are youtubers making a large salary from ad clicks. It just takes a lot of subscribers to save a big income from that. You have to be basically ‘famous’.

Earn passive income on Youtube by Receiving Donations (or Subscribers on a site like Patreon):

This is probably the 2nd best way to earn income. It can be very profitable! It just narrows down to the type of industry you are in and the kind of vision you are offering on your channel. This wouldn’t be so much of a sales-based channel but more of a value-based and personality-based channel. Simply put, when your lead starts to watch your videos they have to feel as if they are getting value, being entertained, or are fighting a cause that is very important to them. That is how to get paid on Youtube receiving donations if that’s the path you want to take. This path requires a lot of subscribers if you want to receive a million dollars in this lifetime. For example, rapper, preachers, motivational speakers, conspiracy theorists, video gamers etc. tend to start off receiving donations.

Get Paid on Youtube by getting Affiliate Commissions:

This is how I got put onto how to make money on Youtube! As an affiliate of a product or business opportunity you can generate commissions for referring customers or clients or downloaders or trial members, you name it. Affiliate commissions are what helped me! The reason is because the cash you get for a simple referral is usually much more than what you would bank from a person clicking on your ad or donating to your vision. At times affiliate commissions even comes in daily. The important part to this is you want to be ranking your Youtube videos around targeted keywords having to do with the opportunity/product you are signed-up with so that when people look for those key terms they will naturally come across your videos.

No matter the ways you can make money on Youtube you always have to be enthusiastic and entertaining!

Oh... and you must be able to rank.

The key is this...

…Everybody hates boring stuff...

I even put the finishing touches to a digital training platform teaching Youtubers in the world how to have more authority in their videos and how to be a persuasive speaker, plus much more. It took me literally 2 years to finish the education because I wanted to make sure it was perfect. Youtube is my provider so I had to go above and beyond for my buyers.

Here’s the thing:

It will take perserverance for some time before you start to see become like a celebrity on your Youtube channel. I advise a 3-month game plan for my students. The results are beautiful when you do it this way!

Don’t you want to see your life and finances Ridiculously transform for the better

within the NEXT ninety days?

Your followers will support you for aggressively updating them on what you have going on and believing in them.

You will begin to increase more and more subscribers the more you upload.

…If you desire to know how to get paid on Youtube and you aren’t using the description box to put in any content or any links then you are actually hurting yourself...

Use the description category!

It‘s smart to let your subs know how they can further connect and work with you.

The journey to making a lot of money on Youtube is you have to be viewed by the individuals who are searching for what you have to offer. So applying key terms that are congruent to your entertainment and generating at least 1000 searches per month is highly recommended. YOUR videos need to be as close as possible to the top of the 1st page of Google/youtube.

Then you will see you’ve finally learned how to get paid on youtube as the viewers builds and builds nonstop.

I used to Ask myself, “what are some keywords a person looking to quit their job would research?”

That would help me formulate a keyword gameplan in which I would record videos talking about the different keywords. Then people started supporting me almost overnight. I started to get a plethora of subscribers and views to my Jon Belcherstation Youtube channel. It’s like a never ending train that will go on for thousands of years. That was all he wrote...

I’ll uncover the rest of the story maybe in the next post...

Connect with me on Facebook if you’d like access to secret keyword maps, video ranking techniques, and top notch teachings on how to build your channel fast each month.

Hello, you are looking to learn how to earn money from YouTube, right?

What is important to me at this very moment are the hundreds of partners (working to help way more) who have had an exponential increase in their subscribers, leads, and customers since consistently using my youtuber strategies.

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