What Size of Waist Trainer to Choose?

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  • Published July 15, 2020
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You have decided to start refining your waist (waist training), and of course, you do not want to go wrong with the choice of size.


This is probably the most common question and the most common problem we face. Often people choose the wrong size, and this delays the refinement of their size. Because they have to return the item to us and wait for the right size. When choosing the right size for your waist trainer corset, it is important to know a few principles:

  1. Understand how to measure yourself

  2. Use these measurements to choose the right size

  3. Know your body, if you know you have a slightly different shape, understand that you may need a different size than the one shown in the table.

The first step in choosing the size of the waist trainer corset is to measure your waist.

Measure your height

  1. Find the top of your hip bone

  2. Find the bottom of your ribs

  3. Place a measuring tape between these two areas, in other words the hollowest part of your waist and wrap it around your waist. Do not overtighten the measuring tape.

(help: if you don't have a measuring tape, you can also use a piece of string to measure and then place it against a ruler).


The help for choosing the size is indicated under the description of each model (follow our advice). There may also be a table with the measurements of each size. Using the table, you can see what size might fit you.

If you are closer to the end more than one measurement, it is recommended to choose the next size. Never select the size you prefer instead of the size that suits you. There is no point in having a waist trainer corset and not being able to adjust it, or just being just very uncomfortable wearing your sheath. Listen to your body.

There are certain situations where the table may not apply. Sometimes, right after giving birth, your body shape is not regular. It is important to take these elements into account when selecting your size.

We hope this helps you and puts you on the right track to finding your ideal size!

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