NJ Medical Marijuana Got Cheaper in July 2020

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  • Published July 27, 2020
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NJ-New Jersey sales tax on medical marijuana was cut to four percent on 1, down from six percent july. This represents the first stage in a three-year plan built to phase out state taxes on purchases of medicinal cannabis. Fast forward to 1, 2021 and you will see that the state sales tax will be cut even more — to two percent july. Then, in 2022, it will be completely gone.

Don’t assume that this means medical marijuana will be totally tax-free, though. Each community is allowed to impose a two percent “transfer tax” on purchases; that being said, no municipality has instituted such a tax at the time of yet.

Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act

The sales tax phase-out was a vital section of 2019’s Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act. This Act also legalized marijuana that is medical and raised the monthly allowance to three ounces per patient, requiring them to re-certify once annually.

The law’s name honors Jake that is seven-year-old Honig Howell who died in 2018. Medical marijuana provided the only relief the boy might get from an inoperable brain tumor.

NJ Medical Marijuana - Breaking it Down

Activists say the policy of instituting a tax on medical marijuana purchases is “criminal,” as OTC and prescription medicines at traditional pharmacies do not need to impose nj-new jersey sales tax. Significantly more than 77,000 patients are currently registered because of the nj-new jersey medical marijuana program. However, supply issues because of the high prices (up to $500 for a ounce that is single of marijuana) have dogged the program right from the start. An ounce of “Green Fire OG,” for example, applies to $440 per ounce at Curaleaf NJ, a Bellmawr dispensary. Because of the sales tax in place ahead of July 1, a person would shell out $29.15 in taxes, for a amount that is total of469.15.

Now, that tax paid is reduced to $17.60, for a complete of $457.60.

Just nine medical marijuana dispensaries are open around the state at this time. Other locations that are pre-approved associated with legal battles and cannot open yet.

What’s Next

Come November, NJ-new jersey residents will vote on a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. It might also allow dispensaries that are recreational. Some legislators are looking to pass a bill that decriminalizes weed, with an excellent of $25 for possession, ahead of that date.

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