What is a Durlacher corn on the foot?

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  • Published June 27, 2024
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A ‘Durlacher's corn‘ is a unique type of pressure corn that develops on the fifth toe. It's just like almost every other corn that is because of an excessive amount of pressure, however what is different concerning this corn is that it is pressed up on the edge of the toe nail on the little toe and might often be mistaken for a toe nail. This unique corn is named after Lewis Durlacher (1792-1864) who had been a chiropodist from the United Kingdom. In the United States, this particular type of corn is called the Lister’s corn. Every corn on the feet are a spot of skin build-up in response to an excessive amount of pressure. After this pressure on the skin is increased, the skin will become thicker to shield itself and in the end the skin will get so thick it can be painful. Exactly the same process occurs in the Durlacher corn, the greater pressure on little toe beside the nail will cause the corn. There might be several different reasons behind this increased pressure on the fifth toe. It could be caused by a type of deformity of the little toe. It can be as a result of an enlarged bone tissue in the fifth toe. It could be because of the fit of the footwear, in particular the dimensions of the toe box. Any of these factors can result in increased pressure to cause the corn. The usual symptoms are increasing discomfort next to the nail on the small toe and on examination it simply appears like an extra bit of nail. This very similar look has led some to suggest this can be a nail instead of a pressure corn.

The treatment for Durlacher corns will need to be aimed towards what may cause the higher pressures. It is easy to take out the corn and a Podiatrist can easily take away the corn to give instant relief. However, that's not actually the solution since the pressure that brought about the corn to begin with continues and the corn should reoccur again unless of course something is done to remove that greater pressure that's causing the problem. It is really an issue in all corns meaning that if whatever caused the corn in the first place is still there it's going to return and will need to be taken off or it's going to hurt all over again. Corns on your foot do not have roots that they come back from in the event the root remains in. They come back again because what caused them (the greater pressure) continues. The medicated corn patches having acids in them are not likely to be useful since they simply eat away the corn along with normal skin and do nothing to handle the cause of pressure triggering the Durlachers corn. That increased pressure can be addressed with the aid of adhesive felt patches, silicone gel tube pads or even custom made molded silicone pads that will get pressure from the region or alter the position with the toe. The pressure could very well be alleviated by using much better fitted footwear. Additionally, it might mean a surgical removing with the enlarged section of bone that is creating the pressure.

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