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  • Author Carlos Garcia
  • Published July 29, 2020
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I could remember giving my younger brother pizza, and he will joyfully take it any time. But a time came, and he was down, very sick, and I tried giving him the same thing, but his reactions were different. He had forgotten how good a pizza could taste. Gifts are good, and everyone will likely appreciate gifts when they are given to them. It makes people feel special and appreciated; sometimes, it might just be a token. It always leaves a good effect on the heart of the recipient. Although some may not be appropriate in some situations. But there is a gift that fits all circumstances, and it is the gift of using words to make a picture.

Can you imagine giving your boss a gift like a hamburger, actually it is very okay; the hamburger is a good food, but it does not go with that setting. Some gift is meant to be used for formal purposes while some informal. So, a gift that may be seen as suitable for your siblings might not be for a colleague or a superior at work. You may frustrate the purpose of gifting if it is not done appropriately. And some gift is appropriate for male and may not be suitable for female. You could imagine buying a make-up kit for your brother on his birthday; it will not sit well with him because it is useless. If you are not careful, you might be aiming to make someone happy but do the contrary with your gift.

And another thing is that some gifts are for adults and might not apply to the children. Gifts are very good, but they have distinct use, timing, and recipient. Some are for happy times while some sad times, there are some that you appreciate when you are healthy and would not even think of when you are unhealthy. A picture made with text will bridge the gap between and among every situation and condition. It breaks the barrier of race and preference. It is a unique gift that everyone will love regardless of gender or even the setting, whether formal or informal.

A gift does not have to be edibles, and it does not have to be a ticket to a cinema, or getting ice cream. You always don’t have to go on a shopping spree before you impress anyone. You do not have to break the bank before the gift can be appreciated. A gift as simple as making images from a text can help you to become forever relevant in the heart of someone. Depending on how creative you are, using photos to text, you could affordably blend your gift to fit in every situation. Humans could hate everyone and anything on earth, but they would rarely hate themselves. And everyone likes to look at themselves in pictures, especially when it was beautifully taken. It would be advisable to use their best image, but there is an additional beauty that comes with the products. In the end, you get a picture made with words that is more beautiful than the photo you uploaded. With this gift, you could give anyone a chance to see how they can be creatively transformed. Before bringing this to an end, I will discuss some situations that we might consider gifts as not been appropriate, but Pictures with text will fit perfectly into;

The demise of dear ones

No one prays or hopes to lose loved ones, but time, situations, and age happen. Either they become old, or the unexpected happens. A friend that just lost one of his grandparents will never appreciate any gift. Whether expensive or not, at that moment, his mind could not appreciate any gift. He would not want to feel any happiness because his heart has been pierced from the loss. He might feel like it is an end to his world, especially if it a grandparent he loved and cherished. But if you are very smart, you can still give a gift that they would appreciate at this moment. A gift might not look appropriate, but he would appreciate a gift that will make him remembers the person he just lost. So, it would be wise to look for a beautiful picture of the person your friend just lost, then turn it to words on photo to text. You can use a word as YOU LIVE FOREVER IN OUR HEART. You will be surprised at how he would love it regardless of how he is feeling at the moment. And if you could find a way to make a friend appreciate the gift at a time like that, you would forever hold a good place in his heart. Because he sees you as being there during times, he needed support. You might not be available to cheer him, but this creative gift can do it for you.


If you could work 24 hours a day, an illness will make you hate working. Your favorite food becomes what you do not even want to eat. You would not also remember there is a newly bought designer shoe in your closet that you have not tried on. During illness, you do not think of the cinema or watching your favorite show. It will turn your daily activities upside down, and you only become weak and uncomfortable. This time the only thing you might appreciate is good health and anything that gives you strength. Things that could give strength might be people and their encouragement. And that is why images made from text can fit well into this situation. Some people give gift cards to encourage a sick person, but I prefer you always use photos made with words as a gift. Use a picture where the person was smiling beautifully and was looking very healthy and happy. It will help you to pass two messages; first, you will remind them how happy they look when they are healthy and, secondly, the words. Let it be a word that tells them how much they are being missed and that you want them to recover from the illness soon.

Using words to make pictures is a rare and beautiful gift that can be adapted to all situations but it solely depends on how smart and creative you are. Create yours at https://photo-to-text.com/

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