How to Hide Out-of-Stock Products from your Collections on Shopify


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  • Published August 3, 2020
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In this article, you will be told the best way to Hide out-of-stock items from your products group (collection) on Shopify. Actually, you can physically do this on the "Collections" page of Shopify and utilize the stock administration application to assist you with doing this.

First, we need to know in which cases we should hide out of stock products from your Shopify store

  1. The product has just a single Variant and it is unavailable, at that point we will hide that product;

  2. In the event that a product has a few variants and just some of them are unavailable, we won't hide it. Users will have the option to see the Product and select Variants. In the event that they choose an unavailable variation, the proper message will show up. Essentially, we won't hide this item and any of its variants;

  3. In the event that a Product has a few Variants and every one of them is unavailable, at that point we will hide this Product.

Now I'll show you how to hide out-of-stock products from your collections on Shopify

Step 1: Enable inventory tracking

The first and main thing you'll need to do is enable the tracking inventory function of the products. In the event that you don't recollect the route how to do it, just follow the below steps:

  • Select "Products" and one of the products.

  • Check "Tracks this product’s quantity" from the "Inventory" section.

  • Click "Save".

Step 2: Change the conditions of the collection

In this step, you can change your collection conditions for each collection and include some conditions below:

  • For "Products must match", choose "all conditions".

  • For "Inventory stock", choose "is greater than" and click "0".

Step 3: Choose "Save"

After changing the conditions of your collection, don't forget to save your process. This procedure is an extraordinary method to ensure that your assortments do exclude any unavailable items and those won't appear to the clients. Observe that items which are unavailable can re-show up in the assortments again after you have the stock.

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