New Trends for Cosmetic Packaging


  • Author Daniel Brown
  • Published August 4, 2020
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The cosmetic industry is believed to be one of the largest and most profitable industry comprising of almost 200+ large and small brands (and that is just in the US). If we talk international, the number exceeds 500 and all of these brands, despite being competitors, have one thing in common and that is branded packaging. Ever since the rise of e-commerce, individual cosmetic product packaging has become a trend within brands. After getting their hands on the ingredients and containers, the first thing brand development managers do is source packaging because everything depends on it. Modern-day requires unique and smart packaging solutions that are not bulky and have the capability to snugly fit the product inside. This protects them from any direct sunlight as well as from moisture - Perfect for custom lip balm boxes and other products too.

Some companies follow trends that comprise of smart packaging solutions like inserts to hold dropper bottles. What this does is ensure the safety of the dropper bottle within the box and prevents it from rattling around. This comes attached to the box and when shipped out to the client, it can be really easy to handle keeping them happy.

Then there are printing options that can be suited to meet any brand's requirement since all of our boxes are created from scratch level as per your product and brand requirement. There are no limitations to how many colors we can print or where on the box we can print. You can have a full-color print on the inside of the box or the outside of the box (or if your brand is funky, both). The latest market survey revealed that most of the customers getting cosmetics take a serious interest in the packaging and sometimes even judge the brand based on the packaging. For the past couple of years, individual product packaging is getting more and more popular by the day. It is also a requirement by the regulatory authority to have your cosmetic product safe and secure inside a package to ensure any leakage prevention as well as having enough room to display all the ingredients and safety warnings.

There are two ways to go about trends in cosmetic packaging; Either you create the trend or you follow the trend and it really depends on you and your brand - We are here to assist you regardless of the situation. We have a special place in our heart for new and upcoming brands so we try and help them by providing FREE design support with all orders even if they need to have the design created from scratch - Our in house design team will be more than happy to assist you for this. With a very small M.O.Q of just 250 boxes, you have options to try out our quality work prior to ordering tons of boxes. We take brand development very seriously and consider evolving your packaging the first step to improvement. Blue Box keeps cosmetic box packaging design very close to the heart since one of our pioneer clients belongs to the cosmetic industry.

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