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Minecraft is an incredibly popular building sandbox game that gives the player complete freedom to explore and modify a procedurally generated world consisting of 3D cubes. Minecraft is one of the best-selling games since 2011. In 2019 Minecraft circulation exceeded 176 million copies and the average number of players per month reached 91 million. It isn’t surprising that such a super popular game has imitators who borrowed an idea or a visual component. And in this list, you will find the best games inspired by Minecraft.

Lego Worlds

Minecraft has often been compared to famous Lego toys since its inception. Building with virtual 3D cubes creates an experience almost identical to playing with cubes in real life. Therefore, apparently, in order not to lose part of the fans, Lego released its own sandbox game with 3D cubes. Unlike Minecraft, Lego Worlds has the main goal of the game. And this goal is to become a master builder. At the same time, the possibilities of building and discovering the world here are almost the same as in Minecraft, except that you will need to earn coins to open new blocks and parts.

Don’t Starve

Don't Starve is a very atmospheric adventure and survival game. At the beginning of the game, we play as the scientist Wilson who was captured by a demon and ended up in a gloomy and unfriendly world with many dangers. We need to help him survive, given that the game does not forgive mistakes. As in Minecraft, it is very important to immediately build a house before dark, otherwise the monsters will eat you. If you manage to get enough of the game experience before you die or successfully escape, you can unlock the next character. The game has a lot of characters and each has its own story and its own superpower.


Terraria is an action/adventure 2D game with cute pixel graphics. Many consider it a Minecraft clone, but this is not entirely true, although the mechanics of the games are similar. Terraria has more interesting battles with mobs, there are more than 60 types of monsters and about 5 difficult bosses. The crafting system, on the contrary, is not as complicated as in Minecraft, so here you do not have to memorize recipes. Interaction with NPCs is wider here than in Minecraft, so you can even settle them at your home and cooperate with them in battle.

Craft the World

Craft the World is a fascinating 2D sandbox with elements of a military strategy. Visually reminds Terraria. In Craft the World you explore the world and collect resources by managing not just one character, but an entire team of gnomes. Your task is to provide them with food and weapons, equip your village and protect it from monsters.


Realmcraft is the closest Minecraft game from this list. At the same time, it can be downloaded for free on the Play Market and on the Apple Store. The endless procedurally generated world of Realmcraft offers virtually endless creative possibilities. And the cubic graphics are very bright and memorable. There is also a survival mode here and it is not for the faint of heart, since you need to build a hut in time so as not to be eaten by zombies or predators.


The FarSky game tells the story of a scientist whose submarine crashed and he ended up at the bottom of the ocean. He will collect the submarine from the fragments and return to land. But do not die. And for this, he will need to craft a good spacesuit and a device for replenishing oxygen reserves. In addition, you will need to fish and protect yourself from large marine predators.

The Forest

The Forest game can be described as grim Minecraft with realistic graphics. The plot of the game tells about people who fell on the island as a result of a plane crash. The forest of this island is teeming with cannibals who go hunting at night. In the afternoon, while the cannibals sleep in the caves, you need to build a shelter and get food.

Castle Story

In Castle Story, you will build your own castle with the help of an army of yellow creatures (brickrons). In this world there are also other creatures (corruptions) who want to capture your castle. Therefore, you need to build strong walls and simultaneously manage the fighting. Bricktones can be defended with swords, bows, catapults, and magic. The game also has a creative mode where you can build anything from voxels without fear of enemies.


Rust is a multiplayer game with good graphics that combines the features of famous Minecraft, DayZ, and Stalker games. There are bloodthirsty zombies and places with high levels of radiation. Therefore, the player must monitor three indicators: health, satiety, and radiation level. As in Minecraft, you need to build shelters here in order to survive. Your building may look like anything, the only one, it should not violate the laws of physics.


Starbound is a space sandbox, at the beginning of which your character’s ship is attacked, as a result of which it appears on an unfamiliar planet. You create a character yourself, the game has 6 times from people to robots, 2 genders, as well as a lot of clothes and hairstyles. Immediately after landing, the player needs to explore new territory in search of resources, hunt animals, craft, modify weapons, and fight enemies. In addition, you can fly on a spaceship and explore countless other planets. Thanks to procedural generation, you will not find 2 identical planets here. All planets differ in landscape, plants, animals, and enemies.

My name is Julia Smith. I am independent 23 y.o. game journalist that interested in all game styles. Now I help to promote Realmcraft sandbox game. It's totally free and can be downloaded here Also I recommend you to visit this Youtube channel to see exciting tutorials about building in Realmcraft

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