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  • Published August 29, 2020
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While it is possible for a couple to handle a divorce/dissolution of marriage without the help of a divorce lawyer/attorney, it is not wise to do so. There are several reasons a couple should use the expertise and representation of a divorce lawyer/attorney, including the very reason the term “divorce” is being replaced by the term “dissolution of marriage.”

When a couple’s marriage has broken, it is not the people themselves that are broken, although it may feel that way at times, it is the marriage or relationship that has broken. Too, divorce indicates broken people, while the dissolution of marriage means a broken relationship that will, through the process of legal litigation, be dissolved. The marriage, not the couple, will no longer be an entity. Looking at the break-up of a marriage from this angle takes some of the stigma and pain away and hopefully allows each party to come away from the past, learning from their mistakes and ready to make an even better future.

Using a Family Law attorney well informed and successful in handling the dissolution of marriage will have several distinct advantages. Here are some:

• Knowing the laws and guidelines of the state the couple resides in is essential. As these can change over time, it is unlikely a nonprofessional will know the latest and most up to date. Each state has its own set of procedures to follow found in their Statutes, and differences occur from state to state. For example, in Texas, marital property and marital debt are divided equally between the couple, while in Florida, the system of equitable distribution is used, which is vastly different. Such areas as child support, child custody, alimony, and pet ownership can also be widely different.

• Is your state a no-fault state? If so, then you can get a divorce for no reason other than you want one. However, in some states, an issue such as proven adultery can make a difference in how alimony and marital property and debt are distributed, the details of which a Family Law attorney will know, and be able to present correctly to the court.

• Some states, like Florida, require a couple to attend mediation before setting a court date. If mediation is successful and a dissolution of marriage agreement is reached, signed, and notarized, the couple will save money, and gain their final judgment much faster as most Family Courts are backed up for months. A Family Law attorney will know how to help his or her client make the most of mediation.

• Especially when mediation is unsuccessful, and the case must go to court, a Family Law attorney is essential to know how to properly file motions, hold depositions, have ordered interrogatories and motions to produce, hire expert witnesses, prepare for court, and represent his or her client on the day of court.

• And, in addition to the difficult legal work that is required, a Family Law attorney will be able to counsel his or her client on helpful ways to provide evidence, not give away evidence, and to prepare for going before a judge.

In today’s complex world of laws, of dos and don’ts, and correct procedures when it comes to a divorce/dissolution of marriage, there is no substitute for a divorce lawyer/attorney. You might say, if you are going to get divorced, your future depends on the competent representation of a divorce lawyer/attorney.

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