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What Are the Few Things You Will Need to Know About Child Custody in a Separation
By Grant Gisondo · 5 hours ago
Every state has its own set of guidelines for the care and nurturing of minor children following a divorce or separation. A minor child is usually defined as a child from birth to age l8. ...
Divorce Lawyer/Attorney to Take Care of Your Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
By Grant Gisondo · 3 months ago
While it is possible for a couple to handle a divorce/dissolution of marriage without the help of a divorce lawyer/attorney, it is not wise to do so. There are several reasons a couple should use ...
Why Should You Opt For A Postnuptial Agreement?
By Grant Gisondo · 5 months ago
Before looking at why should you opt for a postnuptial agreement, it is important to understand what a postnuptial agreement is and what it can and cannot do. Essentially a postnuptial agreement is like a ...