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  • Published January 17, 2021
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There are many times a person may have questions and concerns that will require an attorney. When these issues involve family matters, it is best to use a Family Law attorney. Let’s take a look at the areas of help available to someone needing a Family Law attorney:

Divorce or dissolution of marriage as it is now termed: When a marriage is falling apart, and it looks like a divorce may be happening, it is time to locate a qualified Family Law attorney. This is true even if a couple qualifies for a simple or uncontested divorce. There are many important issues to look at and decisions to be made, and It is imperative to have the advice and guidance of a Family Law attorney. They will know the laws and guidelines of the state where the divorce will take place and will also understand the court system and how best to proceed. In most cases, the cost for a Family Law attorney will be less than a successful outcome.

Alimony: Whether it is working on getting the best deal from the initial divorce or the need to return to court for a modification of the alimony award, you need a Family Law attorney to understand and present your case. In most states, there are several types of alimony; in Florida, for example, there are six.

Child support: In states like Florida, supporting minor children, those between birth and age l8 and those unable to provide for themselves, is mandatory. Even if the birth parents never married or even lived together, minor children are the responsibility of these parents. It takes an experienced Family Law attorney to make sure justice is done. Obtaining back child support and modification also needs the help of a Family Law attorney.

Child custody or shared parenting and parenting plans: These areas are also required for birth parents. A Family Law attorney will know the best route to help both the parent and the minor child obtain a workable order. Such concerns as failure to comply with the parenting plan, removing the minor child to an unsatisfactory location, and modification need legal assistance.

Modifications: Post order changes that are desired in alimony, child support, and shared parenting require help from a Family Law attorney.

Pre and post-marital agreements. Many couples are using pre (before) and post (after) marriage agreements to make sure assets, debts, and children from other marriages are legally taken care of in case of divorce or separation. An attorney is not required for this, but if the document is not properly prepared, it may not hold up in court if needed. Family Law attorneys are trained in advising and preparing pre and post-nuptial agreements.

Bankruptcy: Another personal situation where a Family Law attorney is recommended. Often the financial outcome gained is well worth the cost of legal advice and representation.

Adoption: Finalizing an adoption requires legal help. A Family Law attorney can guide you through a successful adoption.

As can be seen, it is surprising how important Family Law attorneys have become. Hopefully, you will never need one, but if you do, check with family and friends, read several websites of Family Law attorneys in your area of residence, and make an appointment to talk with the top five you have picked out.

Choose the Family Law attorney that best meets what you are looking for.

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