ATTENTION: You are IGNORING 75% of your potential clients!!!

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  • Published September 19, 2020
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ATTENTION: You are IGNORING 75% of your potential clients!!!


for ANY Niche with just 3 Clicks and GET TARGETED TRAFFIC from BUYER Key


As English speakers, it’s natural to concentrate our marketing efforts in English. But did you know, only 25% of online searches are made in English? Lingo Blaster is a unique software platform that translates any of your videos into over 100 foreign languages, and then publishes them directly to your YouTube account. Not only that, it will add local keywords, so your videos start ranking in all the top foreign languages, in just 3 clicks. Think about it; it’s 100 times easier to rank for, let’s say, “Samsung phone review” in German, than in English…or in Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, or in any of the other 100 languages featured – Lingo Blaster will rank you and bring in targeted traffic at will.

Lingo Blaster 2 – Features, and Benefits

Today in my review, I want to let you know what all amazing things this revolutionary platform has to offer.


Create just one video and convert it into 100 international languages and 10x your video exposure!>>click here

3.Dominate Competitive Keywords

Reach millions of foreign speakers in the language they speak in to dominate ultra-competitive keywords like no one else.>>Get it here

4.Dominate Google & YouTube

With Lingo Blaster 2, Dominate Google & YouTube with your quality translated and subtitled videos!>>TRY IT NOW HERE

5.100% FREE Video Traffic

Rank your videos in most popular languages and tap into a blue ocean of high-quality FREE video traffic.>>ALL EXPLAINED HERE

6.Rank in Over 100 Foreign Languages

With Lingo Blaster 2 now rank in over 100 foreign languages even if you can’t speak a word in that language.

7.Tap Into SEO

Tap Into The Massive Potential Of SEO Without Actually Knowing SEO

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Over 7000 marketers & YouTubers are using the Blaster Tools to DOMINATE their market

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How Lingo Blaster 2 Works:

Step 1. Select The Video

You just have to connect your YouTube account with our cloud-based software and select the video that you want to use.

Step 2. Select The Languages

Choose the languages that you want to target. With only one click LINGO Blaster will automatically translate your video details. Your video will show and index in all the selected languages.


In a short amount of time your video will start ranking and you’ll get a ton of FOREIGN TARGETED traffic from your videos!

Watch the Demo Here:

Watch this video below for a quick walkthrough of the entire process

See Lingo Blaster 2 in action

What are you waiting for?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Try it today here

You can easily translate your youtube in most of the language as well as drive organic video views on Youtube. it is 100 times easier to rank in foreign languages than in English. While targeting English keywords you “fight” with hundreds of other marketers for that keyword.


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