Measuring Results With Your SEO Company: How To Know If They're Doing A Good Job

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  • Published October 1, 2020
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Measuring Results With Your SEO Company: How To Know If They're Doing A Good Job

There's no denying that the old-fashioned method of listing your business online in Yellow Pages and other advertising types may no longer work in this digital age. It has been shown that these types of listings may not even yield a good ROI, which means that businesses need to adapt on their advertising strategies, and the simplest, best way to move your advertising funds is on SEO strategies and by hiring a good SEO company to get you discovered in search engine results.

But at one point, have you ever asked yourself - how will I know if the SEO company I hired did a good job? Are there any ways to measure SEO success? What are the metrics and other important numbers that I have to watch out for? As a business, it is your responsibility to make sure that you get tangible results from the SEO services you're paying for. It's not enough that your phones are ringing. Getting more website traffic doesn't necessarily equate good results. They need to be qualified traffic and leads to consider as a good source of traffic.

To help you understand whether you're SEO company is doing a great job, here are some things that you need to look out for:

Organic Rankings

No matter what type of business you are running, it's possible that one of your main reasons for hiring an SEO company is to get organic rankings and results. You need people searching for your key terms to find your business. There's already an endless pool of potential customers out there, and all you need to do is to make sure that they find you with the right search terms.

But you have to remember that "being #1 on Google" doesn't necessarily mean that the company you hired to do your SEO is doing a good job. It's all about ranking for the right keywords, that generates good conversions or purchases.

Keyword Targeting And Research

Part of the services you should be getting includes proper keywords to target. This means that the company needs to execute all of these steps starting from finding the right keywords, implementing on your website, and other added steps done from outside of your site. If your SEO company isn't doing one of these, then there's something wrong with the strategies they are implementing.

Competitor Analysis

While getting organic rankings and leads are both crucial, it is also important that the SEO company should perform a competitor analysis. You need to be able who your website is up against, so that the company will be able to perform other strategies to outperform your competitors. This is also done to assess and check the things that your competitors are doing to get better rankings so you can duplicate and outrank them.

SEO Reporting

At the end of each month, a good SEO company needs to provide a comprehensive report listing everything they've done, important metrics such as keyword terms and search results, rankings, traffic, clicks and conversions. Carefully assess the report, check if there are improvements with regard to your sale, and take it from there.

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