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Is there truly a tool better than WordPress? I’ll leave you to answer that, just read through to the end.

Imagine this: You pay for a hosting site like Bluehost, purchase a domain name, purchase premium plugins to ensure top-notch performance for your client’s website but you’re still worried about the SEO, security, and speed of your website. Sad isn’t it? Note that, apart from the monthly payment you pay for hosting, you will still have to pay for all the above features for each website you create. If you do the maths and calculate the amount you will pay for all the above features to create a good website, you will figure out that the amount you will make as profit after your client has paid you will be little unless your client is paying you thousands of dollars for just a simple website (which occurs very rarely). Imagine going through all this process, how long do you think it will take you to complete one good website? Trust me, it will take you days (that is if you want the website to be very good and well optimized).

Let’s leave imagination land and come back to the real world. I, for one, have used WordPress and trust me, it was very time consuming and expensive compared to this tool I am yet to reveal. I literally found it frustrating to go through the same process each time I wanted to create a new website either for myself or my clients. I had no choice then because it was much easier than coding but this cost me some of my clients in the long run because I tended to create similar (and by similar, I mean very similar) websites for my clients due to lack of creativity although I am very creative. I’m not saying WordPress is a bad tool or you shouldn’t use it, all I’m saying is that WordPress was designed for bloggers and I don’t encourage the use of WordPress to design websites for your clients.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or your business is online or even offline, don’t feel left out because this tool is mainly for you. With this tool, I assure you that you can make more than 4-figures per month. The next paragraph will give you my reasons.

It’s time to answer the question you’ve been asking which is “what is the name of this tool and why do you think it is better than WordPress”? Let me start with the second question which is “why do you think this tool is better than WordPress”? Like I said earlier, I’ll leave you to answer that but here are what this tool gives you:

• Build beautiful and insanely fast websites and pages with the fastest and most advanced website builder on the market.

• Share your knowledge with your audience and start a profitable online business with unlimited Membership areas.

• Sales Funnels simplified. Easily build any kind of sales funnels with the most powerful platform in the marketplace. This way, you can easily sell your products without stress.

• With this tool, you can easily edit the mobile version of your website without any stress or a single line of code.

• Imagine making money off your blogs, wouldn’t that be cool? This tool will help you build your blogs, grow your authority, and monetize your audience online.

• Since YouTube is oversaturated, you can easily host your sales videos and training videos with this tool.

• This tool will enable you to have a one-on-one conversation with your leads/visitors on your websites which will enhance your relationship with your visitors/leads and ultimately skyrocket your conversion rates.

• This tool helps you reach the perfect on-page SEO optimization for Google’s bots, so you have the best possible result on Google.

• Today, it is compulsory for your website to have a secure sockets layer certificate to keep sensitive information such as credit card details sent across your website encrypted. SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate costs $150 - $700 per year but this tool will give you for FREE!!! How cool is that?

• With this tool, you can easily monitor your customers through the power of email marketing.

• Manage all your websites from this tool.

• Host all your websites from this tool (that is FREE HOSTING!!!).

• Free training for all the tools in this tool to ensure you have the proper knowledge on how to use it.

This tool still has more features and benefits but I’ll leave you to explore them yourselves. Now, to answer the question “what is the name of the tool”? The name of the tool is BUILDERALL.

Sadly, to use all the features on this tool, you have to pay a little fee (monthly) but if you just want to test out the basic features like building an insanely optimized and fast website, you can do that in the FREE plan (Yes, they have a FREE plan which is FREE FOREVER). Moreover, even if you pay for the premium plan you won’t feel it because like I said earlier, you will surely make more than 4-figures per month.

The main benefit of this tool to a website designer is that you can build up to or more than 5 optimized websites a day using this tool because there are lots of templates on it which means it’ll save you time and also make you more money.

The main benefit of this tool to an affiliate marketer or business owner is the power of taking care of your online business by yourself which means you’ll begin to get more profit.

Now, the decision is up to you. You can either read through this post, don’t take action, and continue with your usual and normal life or you can read through this post, take action and create your own life.

Click this link if you’re the second person: - https://bit.ly/3cQ5jNB

The choice is YOURS!!!

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Oghenetega Biokoro
Oghenetega Biokoro · 7 months ago
Thank you very much for this article. I have tried this tool and to be sincere, I'll continue to use it. It is far better than wordpress. Thanks once again!!!

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