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It is important to develop a clearly defined Marketing message. But when it comes to reaching out to your consumers, you need to communicate with them on a personal level.

What does Marketing Message mean?

Any marketing message is what one has to say to the audience when they are trying to sell them on what a company does. The problem is that this definition doesn’t clearly identify what most marketers are missing out on when they are creating their own marketing message.

Whatever you wish to say to your audience has to influence them and dramatically enhance the efficacy of your marketing. Every marketing message has to be crafted with care.

Why Is Marketing Message Important?

The marketing message is not just what you are trying to say to your audience rather it is how you say it to them to achieve an emotional and/or logical response that will reach on their deeper and more personal level. Not only it’s that but also how you communicate to them in a way which can feel like the message they’re consuming was crafted just for them.

Goal of a Digital Marketing Message

Marketing messages exists for one ultimate reason: to help you convert skeptical outsiders into supportive insiders. To do that effectively, you need to understand and implement the following concepts -

  1. Identifying the Person You’re Talking To

You need to be clear on the specific group of people you’re trying to reach out to or else you may as well not say anything at all. The well known one-size-fits-all approach is far from effective and makes audiences bored and uninterested. If you think that you will miss out by not speaking to a broader audience, then here are some stats to look at:

• 63% of consumers prefer brands who provide content which is personally valuable, interesting or relevant

• 74% of consumers get frustrated by generic website content & 63% of consumers are “highly annoyed” by generic ad messages

You have to take time to define your buyer personas. Your ability to reach target audience will be considerably hindered without making an attempt to reach them on a deeper and more personal level.

When you are identifying the person you’re speaking to, it is necessary to consider “Why do they care about what you have to offer?”

  1. Identify Pain Points

You can’t convince someone that the product/service you are trying to sell is right for them if you can’t fully understand “Why it’s right for them?”

The perfect way to determine that “why” is by identifying the pain points i.e. the problems of your audience and how will your product/service can helps them to solve their problems and how can it help improve their lives?

For example, Marketing Agency in Pune would identify potential pain points the consumers face, such as:

a. Unorganized project timelines

b. Not able to understand who is working on which part of any project

c. Not able to collaborate with clients effectively on projects

Any Marketing Message should speak to the ability that helps consumers by showcasing the following benefits:

a) Well organized project timelines and their production schedules

b) Identification of who is responsible for what and when

c) Collaborating and communicating with clients on a singular platform

Rather than assuming what audience wants to hear about the product features and pricing, you should clearly showcase your ability help them solve their problems more effectively.

However, you might also find that a certain consumer that you are speaking to has already used project management software and wants to hear about specific features. Their frustrations can be like:

a) Extra cost per user

b) Confusing and difficult learning curve

c) Lack of integrations

In such scenario, the marketing message should be based on a clear understanding of the specific problems your audience faced and help them speak directly to their pain points:

a) Additional free users

b) Flexible and easy-to-learn platform

c) Massive and ever-expanding network of integrations

The difference in listing your features and outlining those that your audience actually cares about is that you showcased the benefits of your product through the features that the buyers have shown theirs interest in.

  1. Hooking Them with a Headline

Most of the marketing will expose your audience to a single, powerful headline which makes or breaks your audience’s first impression of your brand following your product/service.

Taking the time to craft an effective headline which will sum up the most important and relevant benefits is something that you need to keep in mind. The same product management software company from the example above could use the following benefit driven headlines in their marketing:

“A project management platform that can help you decrease project completion times by an average of 22%”


“A simple way to save money, boost the productivity of your tea, and increase customer satisfaction”

In short, it is necessary to relay the most important benefits in one powerful line that gets buyers interested in knowing more about how you can help them.

  1. Presenting Your Benefits-Driven Solution

Once you make the headline which hooks readers and gets them interested in knowing more, the next step is to take a deep dive in the benefits you intend to provide it to them.

You’ve found the problem your audience is facing. Now, you need to relate to their problem with an understanding and showing that you genuinely care about their problem and that you will help them troubleshoot it.

You can then turn around by saving the day with “it doesn’t have to be like that” statement. At this point, you will outline the benefits of your products and how they’ll never have to go through that problem again thanks to your brand.

Brands mainly focus on telling their audience who they are and what they actually do instead of getting down to what is really important to their audience. People don’t care about this.

  1. They care about what’s in it for them.

You can make the meat of your messages by explaining the amazing benefits people will receive from your product and it can help you hold your readers attention instead of pushing them away by boring them with sales-like marketing message.

Final Thoughts

These are the ways of strategy planning outlines that you will use to craft a powerful marketing message to receive your audience’s respond to. You need to hook your audience by describing what’s in it for them before talk about who you are and what is it that you do.

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