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What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol that consists of text or an image or both and represents the activity of a business. A good logo shows what a company does and what the value of that brand is. In fact, logo design means drawing. It is the face of the brand and forms the visual identity of a brand, which is why having a professional logo is important.

Why should we have a logo?

There are many reasons to have a logo, from branding to visual identity creation. If you want to succeed in your business and outperform your competitors, the first thing to do is to have a professional logo under a few reasons. Here's why you should have a logo.

A logo makes you lose the competition

Perhaps the most basic function of a logo is to give a unique image to your business that sets you apart from other businesses and even competitors. This is especially important when there is a lot of competition in your business (most of which are They use this feature). Before you want to have a logo for your brand, you should research your competitors and see what their brand and logo look like (which of course we do before designing). Of course, there are many similar points that are important to us in logo design

Logos show key information about your brand

In addition to identifying your type of business, logos also provide people with basic and important information about your company, which helps them reach a targeted and valuable audience in the industry in which you work or in the service you provide.

For example, a company uses a striped zebra color image to indicate that it is in the field of barcode services, or an environmental company armcade uses green to communicate with its customers, in another example, for example, a company Uses a stylish font to make your products look luxurious

A logo makes your brand known

Logos have a profound visual impact on your customers, and when these people think about the services they need, they suddenly think of you and say, "OK." This company also exists! In other words, logos can create a strong visual connection with a business. This makes them always remember you. Think of logos like Iran Khodro or Keshavarzi Bank, logos They are so pervasive that we can recognize them at first glance without attaching their brand name. Not surprisingly, logos are an important part of a brand identity.

logo design

logo design

What are the main elements of logos?

Well now that we know what a logo does, let's look at what it is made of. There is no logical answer to this question, but we can still decompose some common elements of the logo.

1: Typography

Many logos are made up of typographic elements and their initial form is text, some of them represent the first letter of the brand, such as the McDonald logo that begins with the letter M and are called monograms, and some are the full name of the brand. Are designed with a custom font (usually using a well-known logo first and then changing the font).

2: Illustration

Sometimes typography is accompanied by symbols or icons, these icons can be composed of geometric or abstract images, in special cases logos can include decorative elements such as lines or visual points such as stars and dots. They do not necessarily create a specific, independent image.

3: Colors

Logos go beyond typography and icons, colors have a huge impact on customer perception and attraction, logos can be single-color, multi-colored and even black and white. Multicolored logos often have color palettes. Are similar or complementary (usually opposite).

4: Written text

In some cases, a logo is defined by the context in which it is used, but I would also like to point out that it is important where and what kind of logos are used in these writings. Usually less than ordinary writings are used in logos and Most designers try to create an effective image.

What are the ways to design a logo?

You have several ways to have a logo for yourself, if you have graphic knowledge you can design a logo yourself, but if you do not have graphic knowledge you can use online tools that are usually free and we do not offer you this at all. Although we introduce them and you can try them.

1: Working with a design agency

The best way to have a logo is to work with design agencies. If you want to grow your business, perhaps your only solution is to work with a team of professional graphic designers. Design agencies have several important features that set them apart from other methods. First, because they work in a team and put their ideas together, they come up with much better ideas, and since all the work is divided and each person has a special expertise, you will get the best results. The problem that many people get from agencies is the high tariffs for their work, which has also been fixed on our site, and if you look at the prices, you will notice that the tariffs are much lower than the quality of our work. We will pay for the logos

2: Working with a freelancer

The next option is to work with a freelancer, freelancers are people who work independently. The prices of these people depend on their skill level and you see a wide range of people who each offer different tariffs, a problem What you should pay attention to is that if you decide to work with freelancers, our suggestion is to work with professionals and avoid working with people who offer low prices. Such people have low skills and Where designing a professional logo requires a great deal of expertise, such people will deliver a poor job that can be detrimental in the long run and may even lead to the failure of your business.

3: Use online and offline logo makers

First, in explaining this, I want to define logo makers


What is a logo maker?

Logo makers are software that work online and offline in different platforms with algorithms written by programmers. It is almost easy to work with these tools but they are usually of low quality because of only a series of icons and fonts. Use the default

How many categories are logos divided into?

Logos are divided into three main categories based on the general category:

1: Written logo

The written logos themselves are divided into two categories. The first category are monogram logos. A monogram is a group of logos that is based on typography and consists of letters. In this type of logo, the abbreviated letters of the brand name usually form the logo. The logos of companies such as IBM, CNN, HP, HBO, NASA are in this category. These brands are suitable for logos because of their long names. For example, NASA stands for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which means remembering the full name of the brand. It's hard, that's why these logos are suitable for these brands.

logo design

logo design

pictorial logo

The other category of logos are image logos that do not use text and only use images and symbols. Perhaps when you think of logos, you remember these logos, such as Twitter or the famous Apple logo. The biggest thing you need to pay attention to in this logo is what image you want to use and this is what forms the whole existence of your business, so in designing such logos, research should be done so that You can design a logo that represents your brand.

logo design

logo design

Combined logo

Hybrid logos, as the name implies, are a combination of text and hybrid logos. These types of logos are much more effective and are very suitable for start-ups because people, in addition to being familiar with your brand, They also remember your brand name, and when you are known and popular with people, you can even remove the text from your logo and have a visual logo. The logo of Aparat website falls into this category.

logo design

logo design

What is the logo design process like?

The logo design process in the Flamingo design team is very careful and professional and there is no need to worry about it. The steps we go through in the design are as follows:

1: Brand evaluation

The first step in the logo design process is to know the brand and discover its business goals, this step is known as customer discovery. If we do not have a proper knowledge of the brand and the demands of the customers of that brand, we can not communicate with it. How do we want to design a professional logo when we can not communicate?

2: Research in the field of work and competitors

There is no business without a competitor, today almost all businesses have a lot of competition to attract customers. Every company must meet the standards of its industry, so the next step in designing a logo is to research the logo of competitors, with this idea Unique features can be taken and common points in each industry can be discovered and used in logo design.

3: Make a list of places where the logo is to be used

This case is also important today, it is important where you want to use your logo because by determining this item, the color, shape and even the software used will change, this is done with the aim of optimizing The logo is done.

4: Designing sketch designs

Now, if you have ideas in mind or you have already come up with interesting ideas with your group, it is time for the designs to come from the mind on paper and take on a real form, dozens or sometimes hundreds of designs in large projects. They come on paper so that you can finally choose the best designs from them. In the picture below, you can see some of our portraits that we have drawn on paper:

Logo design professionally and cheaply by Flamingo Design Group


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