How to prevent computer eye strain?

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This is a complete guide on computer eye strain and you will get 5 easy steps to prevent eye strain.

Blue light is everywhere in this digital era, you might see that many people of us have to work in front of digital screens like a computer, mobile, and tablet, etc. But it can be a serious problem when you looking a long time at your computer screen.

Let me know about what is computer eye strain.

What is Computer eye strain?

Computer vision syndrome also guided to as digital eye strain, it describes a couple of the related eye vision that comes from the computer, tablet, e-reader, and cell phone use.

I also want to tell you that Symptoms of computer vision include eye tiredness and discomfort, dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, eye twitching, and red eyes.

In fact, the Vision Council of America has proven that 70% of U.S. adults experience digital eye strain as a result of the increasing use of digital devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones.

It is good to have new technologies for us and our upcoming generation, but If we see from a negative viewpoint, emitted blue light from digital screens can be terrible for human eyes.

But don't worry in this post we are going to show you how you can get relief from computer eye strain.

Now we reached that point which you were waiting for too much.

  1. Get Advice from your Doctor

As I maintained above whenever you found the blue light, you will get eye strain. Doctors always said that checking up your eyes every year is the most important thing. During your exam and working time, be sure to get advice from your eye doctor on how often you use a computer and digital devices at work and at home.

They always say that keep distance between the computer screen and your eyes. and when you sit ahead of your computer screen makes sure that you measure how far your eyes are from your screen.

You can check out on the internet and also make an appointment with your nearby doctor.

  1. Use Proper Lighting

Eye strain often is found by extremely bright light either from outdoor sunlight coming through a window or from harsh interior lighting.

When you use a computer or smartphone, your ambient lighting should be about half as bright as that found in most offices.

It's proven that many computer users find their eyes feel better if they avoid working under the overhead brighter lights.

If possible, turn off the overhead fluorescent lights in your office, and wherever you are working use floor lamps that provide indirect "soft white" LED lighting instead.

Doing that way that's no guarantee that you will get 100% protection from eye strain but if you do it regularly, I am sure that you will 80% relife.

  1. Do Exercise your eyes regularly

Another main tip to prevent your eyes from getting strain is to do exercise your eyes on a regular basis. To decrease the risk of tiring your eyes look away from your computer screen at least every 20 minutes (at least 30 feet away). It also called as "20-20-20 rule." Looking far away relaxes the focusing muscle inside your eye to reduce tiredness.

Check out another exercise is to do more and more blink your eyes. Blinking is very important when working at a computer (To more blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation).

Then repeat this exercise around 4 times a day so you will get results soon.

  1. Wear Computer glasses

Want to know a simple tip, let's check out my last tip and I am sure that this tip will completely give your answer.

Human eyes haven’t able to prevent blue light, that’s why blue light blocking glasses come into play and here blue blocker glasses play a major role in this situation

Our eyes have not evolved to filter these types of digital lights so you need to wear computer glasses because Blue light blocking glasses are made with special spectrum controller technology to decrease blue light.

Additionally, these glasses filter blue light and protect your eyes from blue light and other digital radiations.

Not sure that these glasses protect you 100% from harmful lights but they can reduce the chances of getting side effects of blue light to you.


Finally, this is all about how to prevent computer eye strain and improving your vision.

If you follow up on these tips, I am sure that you will improve your vision, sleep performance, and working experience.

I know that many situations are not under your control so at least you should try some of these tips in your daily routine

Thanks for reading this guide and please do share more people can leverage it.


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