What to do if you are struck by a driver without a license in pasca?


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Driving without a License in Pasco can lead to a severe penalty. You cannot lend the vehicle to the driver without license Car Accident Lawyer in Pasco can help to deal with a personal injury case after an accident

Filing a lawsuit is essential to get compensation for physical Injury, property, or vehicle damage. The situation is little confusing. Read the guidelines below to know what to do after a car accident with an unlicensed driver

What to do after an accident in Pasca?

  1. To start with, check if the insurance coverage is applicable for the driver without a license .If not you can opt for the uninsured coverage in your own insurance policy

  2. If the driver do not have a license, you can file a lawsuit against the Car owner as well

  3. Then report the accident to the legal authorities nearby.

  4. Also keep a copy of the accident report

  5. Now, hire an experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Pasco and seek legal advice at the earliest

  6. It's equally important to understand the regulations in Pasco to file a Personal injury lawsuit

  7. Also, ensure to handover the required documents and evidence to file the Personal Injury Lawsuit

Penalties for driving without a License in Pasco

  1. Imprisonment of 60 days

  2. Fine of up to $ 500

  3. Also, your vehicle may be seized and You cannot apply for a license immediately

To know more about the regulations to follow in Pasca

An experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Pasco can help to get a fair settlement.Besides to know the regulations to follow after an accident in Pasco; you can visit our portal and read the information available


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