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In these current times you spent more time with your loved ones, not because you chose to do it, but because nature forced you to? These are strange times when we think about what might happen and find ways to cope with the new ways of life that have arised from the ongoing global crisis.

While the Covid-19 Coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world, regardless of national boundaries, class, or gender, communities around the world are seeing a complete reshaping of "life as we know it." In this time, the marketing, which always focuses on remaining relevant through the use of trending topics, sees itself in a conflict. Not dying to create the Coronavirus could make the sound of the brand out of contact, but talking about the virus for the best of it may find insensitive.

As we move towards unlocking 4.0, more and more companies have started spending on digital media. It's time to catch up with the break-in in the first few months of closure. Consumers have opened up to experimentation and brand loyalty has been negotiated for stock availability. That's where performance marketing comes in. However, the old way of running automated campaigns and offering on the keyword will be sufficient. There will be a demand for performance marketing 2.0 - human-centered strategic performance marketing and not just data and guided platforms.

Change happening in the Marketing Strategies

Research shows that consumers expect more full awareness of Marketing Agency in Mumbai during these test periods when dealing with the bigger problem than being opportunistic. They expect brands to communicate around the company's goals and values. This trend is expected to continue after the pandemic.

It is to be expected that the established brands will switch to empathic communication instead of product push strategies in order to network with consumers on a deeper level. On the contrary, small brands and new-age startups will focus on the lower content of the funnel to push for direct results. Regardless of the brand year, the age of "catching with the smile" has really occurred and alone will determine the success of brands.

Not to put a hold on the ongoing Marketing activities

It is clear that the general public health crisis and the drastic changes in purchasing behavior caused by Coronavirus have led the economy to a slowdown. Indeed, the economic effects of Coronavirus should persist long after the last patient is treated. While businesses have been affected in all sectors, the biggest blow has undoubtedly been to the tourism and hospitality and restaurant sectors. The following graph best illustrates this.

Learning from the experiences in current scenarios

It's about the people. Passionate and innovative teams usually find a way. They are educated on the goal and the energy. So when all systems are in lockdown, one depends on the ingenuity and motivation of the human mind.

The courage and commitment of the professionals on the front line, who ran against time to serve society tirelessly, is unprecedented. This includes factory staff, service and administrative staff, sales and sales staff, and many others who have worked diligently to help produce the products and connect them to the market to help respond to the rise in demand.

Reviewing the pre-COVID campaigns and strategies

Campaigns that would otherwise have been lit in green to present oblique topics and be "off the beaten track" will pause. Human psychology suggests that people like normality, the status quo in practice, but lie moments of victory against adversity. All that seemed banal and boring were the ones we want to find in our lives. The daily course, the administration of these meetings and the conversation with the people in person are what we are looking for. Like the evolution of homosapiens, brands will also have to evolve.

Today, the essential needs of food, water, heat and security (if possible digitally provided) are the immediate concerns of the planet. It will take time for normality or the way we lived before to be born. But if it's time, the brands will put themselves in pole position. In the meantime, this is the new normal we will be living in till there is a cure.

Steer clear from scare tactics

With so much false information making the rounds, it is important that the brands remain true to the official facts of the world's major health organizations. Given the enormous reach and influence that each brand has, it is critical that we evaluate every element of information we submit. Brands also need to closely monitor the tone of their communications.

Doomsday-esque news could bring in promotions and engagement, but our responsibility as brands is greater than that. Always include credible sources when you share a post about Coronavirus facts or security advisories. This could be essential to ensure that everyone takes the necessary security precautions to fight the virus.

In a survey of what brand customers expect during the Coronavirus period, 28% said brands should be a reliable source of information, while 27% said brands should attack the crisis and show they can be combated, and 15% said brands should give practical advice to help consumers cope with their new normal. Achieving these three goals can help Brand Activation Agency in Mumbai in much more than sending negative messages.

Safety is the priority

The priority of health and well-being, the fear of unemployment and the disruptions in routine caused by COVID have the idea of saving for a rainy day in the minds of consumers and getting down on their behavior. Brands that tick all the boxes in these times by doing social well-being or enabling a better future will certainly experience an increase in demand and successful results in the post-COVID era. If there was a time when the "highest good of mankind" is above a bogo offer, it is this one.

The New Playbook

Marketing should focus on giving consumers hope, empathy and perhaps laughter, and thanking those who keep us safe. We focus on the sensitivity of the tensions and uncertainties that consumers may experience. And really, since we're living the same thing, it doesn't really require a focus group. We can delve deeply into our own experience and speak with a very real voice to our consumers. We see around us a more user-generated production, more static and faster content rotation.

Two examples of Nestlé India show how we are responding to the current situation: 1) Messages of solidarity and goodwill have been sent by Nestlé professionals to all partners; 2) Because OPDs and physician access are limited under the corporate brand, we organize Doctor and Nutritionist Connect on questions and answers in the AskNestle community and on live webinars. This is an example of how consumers are being served in these times.

Taking advantage of lockdown to update your brand assets

Are there any existing evergreen brand assets such as e-books and white papers on your website that need to be updated and improved? Or maybe there are long-standing plans to create new guides, a new video or webinar series, or new pages on your site. Most companies have ideas in the pipeline that never live due to a lack of time or organizational bandwidth.

The relative slowdown of the Coronavirus could often lead to a lower workload. This means that you are finally taking all these ideas out of the back burner and actually starting to bring them to life! This time you can use this time as an opportunity to redesign your existing brand assets and create new ones that will be in the results once the Coronavirus

Resilience will bear fruit

The post-pandemic era will test the real strength of brands and their ability to stretch. Those who anchor communication around fundamental messages and quickly guide strategies will penetrate and experience monumental growth.

The only consistent Google search today is the vaccine. It is the hope that drives us to walk around. And hope and positivity are what brands need to shine in these times. It is not the kind of hope that is utopian, but the kind that is rooted in the strong faith and the substance of what they represent. People, despite all the millions of years of evolution, believe in one thing, something we can cling to, perhaps faith or love, or hope for a better tomorrow, and that is what has marked us. It's time for brands to research and convey this message.

In this scenario, brands need to draw up a holistic marketing plan to ensure their public confidence and ensure the safety of their safety. Special promotional activities and offers conducted by Brand Promotion Agency in Mumbai may be necessary to help brands gain popularity.

The sudden spread of the Coronavirus was certainly a shock to consumers and brands around the world. But with the right strategies, brands can get out of this exhausting time, with more brand justice, a more engaged audience, and new powerful strengths. The most important thing to focus on now, of course, is to stay safe until this tide more!

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