3 Crucial Elements for Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

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  • Published November 23, 2020
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Facebook is growing massively over a decade ago with now serves more than 2 billion monthly active users. With such a huge market, many marketers now are using Facebook Ads to push their products in front of their customers worldwide. Because of that, they are fighting each other like a marketing Jedi to win the heart of customers and it now become harder and harder by the day. To win the race, you need to ensure your marketing team always monitor these crucial elements day and night to stay competitive.

  1. Quality of your products – over promise marketing will make you die

Imagine now you yourself are going to buy new shoes, what is the first thing that comes out to your mind? Quality shoes, correct. Even if you are on budget and want to buy a lowly price shoes, you still consider the best quality of the lowly price shoes, right? Of course. Now you may be thinking that your customers buy online and never know the real until they receive it. How it will affect your Facebook Ads campaign? Here it is. Although Facebook allow you to advertise on it platform, and even make money on it, it still care their users the most.

One of the judgement for the Ads campaign is the negative feedback. If your Ads campaign receives more negative comments, negative emotion or Ads report, Facebook will stop your campaign immediately and may flag your business account or may cost you to even lose your hard building Facebook page. Your angry buyer may not ask for return, which mostly of us don’t, even there is money back guarantee, but rather give negative comments on Ads or report your page to Facebook, and boom! You lost your Business account, Facebook page and thousands of customers’ data on it instantly.

  1. Can your Facebook ads conversion success? Consider this two things.

What is the best Facebook Ads conversion method? It depends. It depends on the products or services that you offer to your customers. Conversion is the process when you bring your customers to purchase your products. There are many. But these are two things to be considered to convert your traffic to successful buyer.

Image or Video and Ads Copy – This is to interrupt the attention of your potential buyer and to persuade them to click the Call to Action. The more effective the Ads, the more conversion click you get, just click, not sales.

Sales Copy or eCommerce store optimization – This is to persuade your potential buyers who click your ads to put their credit card on it.

Both of these are the crucial to your conversion success. If your sales copy or eCommerce store is powerful but your Ads Copy is not good, and vice versa, then you will getting low result. Both of them must be looked carefully. Fix both problems first if you want to get start getting result seriously.

  1. Targeted audience (traffic) – Your business life

Most marketers have been kicking out from the competition because of burning too much budget without any result. You can choose and sell the best converting products than your competitors sell or selling more compelling products than your competitors. You can make your competitors Ads copy as your swipe file to be used later on. You can resemble or make even better sales copy for your Ads. But you don’t know your competitors actual targeting audience that skyrocket their sales.

This is the most and even the first important things that you need to master. A good products and outstanding sales copy must be shown to the targeted audience for getting sales. You must learn on how to research deeper the hidden audience and use them or getting support from others that know it. Your audiences are your business life and they will determine your quality customers database later on. The more specific your target audience, the better. Some business owner call it as ideal customer avatar. A perfect customer with problems that can be solved by your products. Take time to learn your ideal targeted audiences, it worth for your business.

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