Kraft Packaging Boxes: Types and Advantages

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  • Published December 15, 2020
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Today, there is a diversity in types of paper boxes on the market, often used for various purposes such as shipping, gifts, and packaging. However, the Kraft boxes have become the most popular paper boxes and are being used in different industries.

Paper-based boxes can change our world through various packaging uses. They bring comfort to our lives when it comes to custom product packing so many different items. Still, there is a lot of custom packaging on the market today; multiple consumers still prefer kraft packaging boxes. Original, Kraft boxes are eco-friendly because they are made of premium pine materials.

All Kraft boxes are entirely recyclable. Second, Kraft boxes are strong enough to preserve and transport products inside them safely. Third, pinewood pulp plays a significant role in the manufacture of high-quality Kraft cartons. Besides, the use of Kraft materials is not harmful to the ecosystem.

Kraft paper is the material that makes kraft packaging, which is why they called kraft boxes. Every business has a variety of packages made out of kraft paper, a lot of which you can't even imagine. Its diverse range of use provides us with a variety type of paper-based boxes. Here are the top 10 Kraft boxes types and their advantages explained briefly.

Kraft Sliding Drawer Boxes

Sliding drawer kraft box can be folded and shipped flat. Sliding drawer kraft boxes are most common among all, and it consists of a Kraft sleeve and a sliding drawer, both are folds within a piece of Kraft paper. You can also use plastic to make sleeves; a lot of stores supply these sliding drawer boxes in different sizes and colours.

Counter display Kraft boxes

You can see this type of Kraft boxes in almost all stores. From bakery shops to cosmetics, decorations, or even market stores, this Kraft box is available on their counter-tops. The benefit of using these Kraft boxes is to draw customers and improve their spontaneous purchases.

Even in brand stores, the reception counter has counter display boxes for promotion purposes. Because these boxes don't require that much of a space, so they are prevalent with sellers, you can customise counter display boxes to any size and shaped advertising panel that suits packing multiple products in your store.

Kraft Jewellery Boxes

Commonly, chipboard and rigid materials are used for jewellery boxes. However, you can also use kraft paper for jewellery boxes. Jewellery Kraft boxes are best suited affordable packaging for storing jewellery or selling handmade jewellery on the market to make a profit. Trendy jewellery brands custom kraft packaging to distinguish their brands from other brands. A simple and natural Kraft box with white foam insert is an excellent choice for protecting and organising the jewellery like necklace, earrings to stand out their lustre.

Along with cosmetics, kraft paper boxes are a perfect combination. It is acknowledged that skincare requires quality packaging to preserve the products. Hence, retailers often use Kraft cartons for different cosmetic.

Kraft boxes for Bakery Products

Custom printed kraft boxes are a perfect packaging choice for edible items. They are made of different types of shapes and sizes using firm materials. Kraft food boxes usually inserted with carrying handles to help food conveyor.

Paper-based boxes influence a lot of consumers for their products. Due to influence, a lot of bakeries use kraft boxes to fill cakes, chocolates, pastries and other baked products.

Hence, the bakery requires different types of premium designs of kraft boxes the wholesale UK to provide accordingly to the needs of customers and the celebrations. These food boxes can be used for birthdays, Easter, New Year, Christmas, anniversaries, bridal showers weddings, or any other event.

You can also use custom food boxes as a premium box in different gatherings. Also, food boxes can be your problem solver, as they have no age or gender bias. Accordingly, you can use custom food boxes for all ages and genders. If you have a business in bakery items, you can use kraft food boxes to make your bakery items stand out on the market.

Bottom Line

The thing we love about kraft boxes is that even if you are just starting your business, you can use these boxes to pack your products. It can be tricky for you to select a perfect packaging for your item. Kraft boxes can be your best choice. Moreover, they also eco-friendly, so such a feature can reduce your concert that the planet is getting very hot.

The ubiquity of any industry should make your company popular with the help of necessary publicity. If you want your product to stand out, this is the perfect time for you to give your product an excellent packaging. Once you opt for custom kraft packaging your starts will thank this blog.

This is Craig, a packaging designer. I also write about different topics, this time I choose Kraft packaging boxes. I wrote about its types and advantages. You can get in touch now to get top-quality Kraft boxes wholesale in the UK. You can ask them any question regarding customised packaging & boxes.

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