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  • Published December 22, 2020
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If you search online for the way to rank on Google, and how to get back-links, or other SEO solutions. You will see a lot of ads which will tell you, they have the answer. For only $39.95 they can get you back-links out the kazoo, or comments or a mix of a dozen different things to beat a bear named Panda.

But here's the thing, as entrepreneurs, we are taught to concentrate on the wants and needs of the customer and we quickly forget that in our relationship with Google. Now, if you're paying to get on Google, that's different, then you are the customer. But when you are trying to reach the top of an organic search, then Google is the client and you are supposedly adding value.

So here's the rub. You are trying every black hat method in the book and lots of white hat techniques to reach the top spot on page one. But did you ever ask yourself the most important question? What does Google want on the front page and why?

Google Has Customers Too

It's not very complicated, however it bares mentioning, Google has a basis for wanting certain pages at the top and other pages down in the badlands of page ten. It's all about Google's customers. While it's the 8,000 pound gorilla of search engines, Google has competition and also wants to stay on top.

To do that, Google needs to make sure that when somebody searches for information, that they are getting the most relevant data they could get without being over sold or hyped. They're concerned with the quality of the information that somebody sees when they request it through a keyword phrase.

What Google doesn't want, is poorly written content, bad videos or a bunch of sales hype that does not really impart information about the individuals needs or wants. That is why Google keeps on coming up with more involved algorithms. They are attempting to stop all the imaginative ways that you are trying to use to get your page to rank over others.

Google is attempting to ensure that the content that's at the top of the organic searches got their organically. They are trying to find credibility and not creative technical skills to bypass better quality materials. As soon as you comprehend this, your probabilities of ranking will start to improve.

It's A Combination Of Things That Get's You To Rank On Google

There are a lot of great sources to teach you all the mechanics of getting to rank with Google. But if you don't remember that Google has an audience that they are trying to satisfy, then, regardless of how much of a technical wizard you might be at SEO, your pages will not hold.

So the simple fact is that, if you are looking to hold a higher rank for a keyword in Google, you have to develop and consistently provide excellent quality content for those who look for a specific set of keywords.

You're going to need to know the rest of the technical techniques as well. But you should focus your energies on high quality content first. Ask yourself, after you have written a blog post or article, would I read this article? If I did read it, what did I get out of it? Would I use this information or was it a waste of time?

So before you start to write, check out what is ranking. Is what you plan to write as good as what you see in the top ten. If no, re-assess your topic, if yes, start putting your post together. Ensure you optimize your copy for your keywords and phrases and then start doing all the SEO things that SEO's do.

LOUIS JONES - marketing analyst



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