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  • Published December 17, 2020
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With global and economic instability, a lot of people are losing their jobs and becoming unemployed. Even worse, most graduates from universities are getting difficult to get a job as many companies want to cut their cost for their survival.

Due to this current situation, most of the people are now looking to make money online by selling products or offering services to their potential market. For those who are in business industries for a long time, they can compete with others as they have more capital, networking, and resources.

But what are about newbies who initially started? Since their resources are limited, how can they get their first 10 clients? They can use LinkedIn as their marketing platform for the beginning.

LinkedIn is one of the best, or perhaps the best for newbies to get their first 10 clients and make money online. Why? Because unlike Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to have connections up to 30,000 first connections.

If you are connecting with your right and ideal potential target clients, you have a greater chance to get your first 10 clients. Some people said that you can get stable income from repeating clients only from their LinkedIn connection.

It’s true, but it also depends on other factors such as the quality of your products or services and your own customer services too. Not only that, since LinkedIn allows your profile to appear in search engines, your profile customization with the right keywords will help you get some clients from search engines later on.

But how can you get quality LinkedIn connections? You can join LinkedIn groups that relate to your products or services that you want to offer up to maximum 100 groups. For example, if you offer accounting services, then you can join groups related to business, marketing or finance.

Most of the groups will not allow you to post business links or your products directly to their groups. That is normally one of the rules that they set in the groups. But do not worry. The purpose to join the group is to connect with the other group members that are active and ideal to be your potential clients only.

After you get approved, you can go to the member area, and look at other members' profiles one by one, and when you find your ideal clients, you need to engage with their 3-5 LinkedIn posts, and then send connections to them.

If you want, you can send a simple introduction note, but do not promote or sell anything. You can send a promotion message just after you connect with them. The more your connection, the more visible you are especially when you post something in your profile. The key is to stay active on these platforms.

You also can set up one private LinkedIn group and invite all your LinkedIn connections to join the group. In this group, you can engage with them more to relevant topics, asking some questions and invite them to your online presentation or anything to promote your products or services as long as you do not do any hard selling approach and your connection will love to hear it.

This is the best way as you may not want to spend your entire life messaging them one by one, and most of the group's owners on LinkedIn do this to save their time. Besides, LinkedIn is designed for a professional network, thus they are more acceptable to build business networking.

You can try this simple strategy to build up your clients base. It may not be many, but it will certainly help you to grow as satisfying clients may bring you some referral clients for you. It’s a simple strategy that is worth a long term business game.

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