Simple Trick to Get Potential Clients Using Meetup

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  • Published December 18, 2020
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Meetup is one of the best networking channels that you need to use in order to make money online. You can join Meetup groups that are relevant to your products or services that you offer not only within your hometown, but also at the specific area outside your country.

But networking in Meetup is not the same as networking on social media. You cannot simply promote anything on the message or you can be banned. There are 3 ways that you can get potential clients from Meetup.

The first is to look at the relevant group members after you join relevant Meetup groups to find ideal clients and message them directly to build relationships and ask them to connect with you on LinkedIn or join your LinkedIn Group. But do not provide any link, just give your LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn Group username or name.

The second way is to message group members directly and ask them to join your private Meetup group that you create earlier before you message them. In your Meetup group, you can engage more with your potential clients and can make posts more often than making posts in other people groups as you control your own Meetup group now.

You can ask your group members to connect with you on LinkedIn or join your LinkedIn Group or set up a Zoom meeting event or indirectly promote your products or services after sometime. This will make you become easier to build relationship with your potential clients and present your own credibility and authority to help them.

The third way is to join some online meeting events inside the group and present yourself during the events and ask the meeting members to connect with you on LinkedIn or join your LinkedIn Group but do not sell or promote anything.

But why must you use the LinkedIn group?

Because LinkedIn Group can accept up to 2 million members and can have better engagement. LinkedIn is the best place to have professional networking rather than any other social media outside there. With 2 million LinkedIn group members, you can make enough consistent money online for your survival before expanding to more advanced strategies.

If you do this right, it is possible for you to get your base clients to start making money online. Meetup is way better than Facebook and Twitter, or even Q&A sites. Why? Because social media like Facebook and Twitter are for social networking and you need to do some pattern interrupts in your post to get their attention and engagement.

As for Q&A sites, you need to provide some quality and unique answers to be accepted as well as good engagement to stay competitive. Meetup is designed for professional networks, thus they are more acceptable to build business networking.

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