Best Safer Baby Cribs 2021: Best Non-Toxic Crib Reviews

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Best Safer Baby Cribs 2021: Best Non-Toxic Crib Reviews

The safest baby cribs, mattresses and paints are made and processed with materials that are completely chemical-free, eco-friendly, organic, and therefore safe for the baby. An organic baby crib is a child's bed with side bars. The structure of a good Eco crib ensures the comfort of the child and the side bars ensure the safety of the little one. Safety in general is, in fact, the most important feature to look for while selecting a crib. That is why you should choose an organic and non-toxic crib.

Unfortunately in today's time, side rails are not the only thing to consider when verifying the safety of a crib. The main cause of danger in cribs today is the possibility of toxins in the paint or finish of cribs.

These toxins include lead, phthalates, formaldehyde (used in glues), and some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) among others. They can cause problems such as immune dysfunction, hormonal disturbances, fertility and IQ problems, and even cancer in children.

Most eco-friendly cribs are very expensive, almost like a luxury product! But luckily there are some profitable but safe alternatives available. Before we continue to read more, let's take a quick look:

Reviews of the best non-toxic cribs for your baby

The safest baby cribs: organic baby cribs and non-toxic cribs

These organic brands of baby cribs follow safety standards and ensure that the products they make are non-toxic and non-chemical. Their prices are also quite affordable. As a result, we have some reasonably priced cribs that are also a great option for babies and children in terms of safety.

The main causes of poisoning in cribs are the toxic paints used in these cribs or the mattresses that go inside these cribs. I'll get to that later, but first let's look at my favorite non-toxic cribs available in the US.

Here's a detailed review of the best non-toxic cribs with what I like about each one and the things I don't like.

  1. DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Child Rail

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Mini Convertible Crib in White, Greenguard Gold Certified

What I like about this:

A non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly crib (Green-guard certified! Meets ASTM International and US CPSC safety standards and is JPMA certified)

Made with solid wood (New Zealand pine wood)

Beautiful to see

It supports a good weight and is robust

Convertible into a toddler bed, day bed, and full-size bed. (The full size bed conversion kit has to be purchased separately)

Kid rails included (money saver)

Easy to assemble with simple instructions

4 adjustable mattress levels or height levels. This means you need a mattress but you can set its height to any of four levels. So it is a good choice for short moms as it helps to easily position a sleeping baby with convenient height adjustment

Sturdy mattress springs

Things to keep in mind:

Handrail leaves tooth marks easily, crib can be scratched with rough handling.

The 3rd rail (for the child's bed) is only 1 / 3rd the entire length, not ½, so some parents might find it small

Slight color variations possible due to the use of natural wood which is, by the way, a very safe material!

  1. Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib with the child Rai

Product image Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib

What I like about this:

Non-toxic, eco-friendly and organic crib (safe for lead and phthalate with a non-toxic finish, certified by JPMA, meets ASTM International and US CPSC safety standards)

Pure wood (this crib is made from New Zealand pine wood)

A beautiful appearance ...

Good choice for short moms

Converts to a day bed and toddler bed

A toddler bed conversion kit is included

4 mattress levels or adjustable height settings

A sturdy mattress base made of metal wire springs

Pretty easy to assemble

Things to keep in mind:

Like most baby furniture, this organic crib has to be handled with son. This is due to its soft wood and paint.

Although most buyers have been very satisfied with the quality of this crib, in some rare cases, some customers noticed a slight smell of paint coming from the crib. In such a case, I suggest that you let the crib unload before using it. Fuming simply means keeping the crib open or opening the bedroom windows until the smell of the crib escapes. They are excellent odor absorbers and are 100% organic and safe.


Because the size of this crib is slightly smaller than the usual crib size, please make sure to purchase an appropriate size mattress for it. Normally the standard mattress size works well.

3/4-in-1 Crib for Delta Emery Children

Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib Product Image

What I like about this:

Non-Toxic Crib - No Harmful Chemicals (JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by CPSC and ASTM)

Wood construction

Easy to assemble!

Convertible into a day bed, toddler bed, and full-size bed

Mattress height adjustment in 3 positions



Things to keep in mind:

Toddler bed and full-size bed rail need to be purchased separately.

In the "dark chocolate" colored crib, slight color variations have been reported compared to the photos available online. No quality issues have been reported.

Always remember to make sure that everything is intact and included in the package shortly after it arrives, so that you do not exceed the return period in case something is not right!

The best non-toxic paint for cribs

If the crib smells like toxic chemical paint and you have tried to run it out of gas and have also tried activated bamboo charcoal, but none have worked, then I would recommend repainting the crib with an eco-friendly and baby safe paint.

The paint you choose should be odorless and should not contain formaldehyde, lead, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). I highly recommend Baby Safe Crib Finishing the Crib - I am grateful to you for creating something so amazing and useful.

Product image Safe crib for baby

Let me warn you that painting a crib is not easy. Cribs are complicated. And there are many hard-to-reach corners and small spaces. Before starting to paint, you will have to sand the entire crib with a special sponge. This will allow the new paint to have a strong hold and will also remove a layer of the existing toxic paint.

Once you have painted the entire crib and it is thoroughly dry, the toxic smell disappears completely in a few days.

Non-toxic Mattresses - My Favorite Safe, Chemical-Free Mattress

Babies spend 12 to 16 hours a day sleeping on a mattress and I can't begin to stress how important it is that the mattress is eco-friendly and 100% safe for your baby. The internet is full of horror stories when it comes to baby mattresses. Cases of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) have been linked to toxic mattresses, along with other serious illnesses.

DIY - Make Your Existing Mattress Safe For Your Baby

If you've already bought a mattress and can't afford a new one right away, here's an idea: Mattresses that contain foam can produce toxic odors, just like mattresses that have vinyl covers. The easiest way to protect your baby from these fumes is to cover the mattress with food-safe plastic. Once you do, cover the plastic with soft plastic cotton sheets to prevent suffocation.

If you're ready to buy a non-toxic, organic crib mattress under $ 200, then take a look at the Lullaby Crib Mattress. I trust this brand and they don't charge you an arm or a leg, unlike dozens of non-toxic mattresses that cost well over $ 200.

The safest baby cribs, such as solid wood cribs with non-toxic finish

Safe baby cribs are made from natural, organic and eco-friendly materials like real wood. Furthermore, they are also free of poisonous chemicals that can be harmful to babies.

Eco-friendly cribs are a wonderful bedding option that has been around for many years. Online, you'll find cribs of all shapes and sizes, ones with built in storage ... cleverly designed that can ... fit in small bedrooms and even ones that offer under crib storage.

Non-toxic cribs VS non-toxic crib VS non-toxic bassinets?

Actually a crib, hamper or co-sleeper also offers a great bedding solution for baby, but the downside is that a baby usually outgrows them in a few months, while a convertible crib can serve the same purpose for several years.

Organic convertible cribs for babies

With all the wonderful convertible cribs available on the market today, we can make a one-time investment for our child's bed and have a crib that serves as an infant bed for the initial months and then transforms into a cute toddler bed and a day bed for toddlers.

In fact, numerous cribs come with the provision of being transformed into a full-size bed that can also be used for the child's adolescence.

Today, the market has a very wide variety of cribs to offer. There are beautiful cribs that fit our nursery interior and enhance the look of our home with their elegant finish. A wide range of colors that most cribs support add to the charm and increase the temptation to buy a crib that matches our nursery decor right away.

However, remember that while the appearance and cost of a crib may seem like important factors to consider when shopping for a new crib, in reality, it is the "safety" part of a crib that we really need to take care of.

So what are some of the things we can look for to make sure we are going to a safe crib?

The structure of the best cribs available on the market provides stability and strength. The materials are environmentally friendly and robust, the joints are securely assembled and the finish is absolutely smooth without the use of toxic chemical paints.

I used to have these factors governing my decision making while looking to purchase a safe crib for babies.

But I was surprised to find that crib safety has far greater concerns than those that appear on the surface.

Crib toxicity is a serious hazard

Basically, the biggest danger to a crib is toxicity. Yes, toxicity!

Isn't it alarming to know that a piece of furniture that you intend to buy for the safety of your little one can be very poisonous and dangerous? It is not about food, but about furniture, real furniture that can be a source of toxins and ruin the health and development of a baby.

Toxicity can be completely prevented only when the entire process of creating a manger is well monitored. Only a select number of eco-friendly crib brands really take the pain to ensure that the cribs they create are safe for babies.

Most organic, toxin-free baby cribs are very expensive. But after detailed research, I have discovered some safe and reasonably priced alternatives. What's more, they are all designed according to US safety standards and are non-toxic.

The final result

All of the non-toxic baby crib options listed above are JPMA certified to meet and exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM. However, in order to give you a clear and transparent picture, I have also listed all the possible disadvantages in each of the products so that you know exactly what you are opting for, before making the final purchase decision.

With a clear list of all the positives and negatives, I sincerely hope my reviews help you choose a safe, organic, chemical-free, eco-friendly, and non-toxic crib for your little one. Once you've chosen the right crib, you may want to look at the best baby sleeping bags for your baby below.


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