How is it realized that the two sessions use a 3-meter long-distance credit card?

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  • Published January 9, 2021
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This year, the deputies and members of the two sessions signed in by long-distance card swiping. When the deputies and committee members walked into the middle of the check-in machine similar to the security gate, the meeting card in front of their chest immediately sent out a sense, and the screen beside them would display the names, photos, real-time attendance statistics and other information of the representative committee members. In my opinion, this should be a relatively advanced channel induction check-in machine. This kind of check-in machine can read cards in the range of 1-3 meters, and the speed of swiping cards is extremely fast, and the number of cards read by the machine can even reach more than 50 per second, which greatly improves the speed of entering the venue. In the past, when the two sessions signed in and swiped the card, it was necessary to put the card a few centimeters close to the card reader to sense it. Now, the reading distance can be as far as tens of centimeters or even several meters. How can card sensing be realized at such a long distance?

The working mechanism of this remote sensing card should be like this. There is a 64-bit number in each IC inductive card. When the IC inductive card is present within the 3-meter readout range of the card reader, the inductive card is activated by the electromagnetic inquiry signal emitted by the card reader, thus feedback to the card reader a response signal carrying the inductive card number, and to inquire and answer through the signal between the inductive card and the reader. The card reader can identify the number carried in the induction card and output the sensor card number to the computer, external controller or other terminal device according to a certain output format, so as to issue records that allow passage and passage. or issue instructions that are not allowed to pass. In fact, it uses automatic identification technology, computer network technology and projection technology to form an integrated system for automatic registration of meetings. To realize long-distance card swiping through this registration system, of course, the information of the deputies and committee members should be recorded in advance. The badge worn by the deputies and committee members is both a meeting card and an induction card, which not only records the information of the deputies and committee members, but also leaves corresponding information when entering and leaving some venues.

The cards identified by this long-distance check-in machine generally do not need a specific direction and can be placed anywhere on the person, in a pocket or in a purse, and do not need to be taken out. Moreover, this kind of card swiping machine can also have multiple channels, and the nearby card readers can read the information accurately, and the check-in procedures can be completed without taking out the card, which has greatly improved the speed of the representatives of the two sessions to enter the venue.

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