How can I treat a dry throat and esophagus?

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Dryness in the throat and esophagus can be eliminated by moistening them with, for example, mouthwashes, syrups, or sprays containing, among others, marshmallow root, hyaluronic acid, and Icelandic lichen. It is also worth avoiding spicy and salty dishes and drugs, drinking plenty of water, and using chewing gum.

Dry throat - causes

Dry throat, formally known as xerostomia, is a group of symptoms that occur because of reduced or absent saliva production. The causes of this condition include:

Breathing through your mouth,

dehydration caused by fever, vomiting, or diarrhea,

inflammatory condition of the mouth, throat, or salivary glands,

abnormal functioning of the salivary glands, e.g. as a result of an injury or medications,


deficiency of B-type vitamins or iron,

unintended interactions between medications,


too little water consumed during the day.

A dry throat can also be caused by snoring and breathing through your nose at night. It can also accompany acid reflux.

People who work with their voices, e.g. teachers, actors, singers, as well as those staying in air-conditioned rooms are particularly vulnerable to xerostomia.

Dry throat - symptoms

Insufficient saliva production not only leads to an unpleasant feeling of dryness but can also cause ailments such as:

scratchy throat,

sore mouth,

difficulty swallowing and speaking.

Let's remember that the substances contained in saliva participate in the initial digestion of food and have a protective effect on your teeth and gums, therefore you should not underestimate the dryness in your throat and esophagus.

Dry throat – how do I treat it?

To treat a dry throat, you need to maintain proper oral hygiene. It is recommended to use soft brushes for brushing your teeth, tongue, and the inner part of the cheeks. It is equally important to provide the throat with adequate hydration. In this case, the following products can greatly help you:




herbal lozenges

special lollipops - especially for young children.

These products usually contain:

marshmallow root – traditionally used as relief for irritation of mucous membranes thanks to its protective and coating effect. It very effectively protects the mucosa and facilitates expectoration;

Iceland moss (Cetraria islandica) - thanks to its high content of polysaccharides and mucilages, it has a protective effect and reduces inflammation;

mullein flower (Verbascum) - thanks to the content of saponins, it has a protective and fluidizing effect;

linseed - contains mucilage and fatty oil that has a coating effect on the throat and esophagus; stays on the mucosa for a long time, thus preventing irritation.

On the market, you can also get preparations containing mucin - a glycoprotein found in saliva that binds water and creates a protective layer on the mucosa. The action of such preparations lasts for up to 3 hours.

The products recommended for dry throat can also contain:

olive oil - contains sterols with anti-inflammatory properties, has a coating and moisturizing effect on the mucous membranes;

vitamins A and E - have regenerative and antioxidant properties;

aloe - supports regenerative processes;

hyaluronic acid - stimulates cell renewal and is used for the treatment of vocal cord diseases.

In addition, to treat a dry throat, it is recommended to:

drinking enough water;

limiting or completely giving up drinking coffee, alcohol, and smoking;

limiting the consumption of spicy and salty foods;

using chewing gums since they stimulate the production of saliva.

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