Management Operating Systems: Effectively managing your operations for enhanced performance


  • Author Brian Whitehouse
  • Published January 28, 2021
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All kinds of companies – from freshly formed high-tech operations and fast-growing retail chains, to mature firms in chemicals and utilities – have improved their operations. Odds are your company has made substantial investments in process improvement, the latest and greatest technology, and training for your people. Hopefully, you have realized significant gains in profitability and competitiveness as a result.

But even the best companies are never satisfied. They always search for new ways to hone their operations, whether global or simply local. This article is written for such companies. In fact, it points the way to a whole new level of operational performance, achieved by using a comprehensive approach The Profit Coaches calls Management Operating Systems (MOS).

MOS reaches deep into your operations’ potential, much deeper than most companies have gone to date, to deliver sustained behavior change and startlingly substantial gains in corporate performance. For example, a major electronics retailer freed up more than $200 million in working capital via new supply chain efficiencies within one year after installing its MOS, with no technology investments. A major manufacturer eliminated $5.3 million in non-value-added activities, saved $4.2 million in railcar leases, and another $13.3 million from inventory right-sizing and product rationalization. A commercial aircraft maintenance and supply firm achieved a $19 million inventory reduction and trimmed more than $1 million per annum from its storage costs. A global specialty chemicals company reduced its supply chain operating costs by 30%. Best of all, the gains achieved via MOS are permanent, because MOS changes the culture of your organization, which in turn changes how your people think, make choices, and behave on the job.

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Brian L. Whitehouse

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