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  • Published January 15, 2021
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What is the purpose of backlinks? It helps your website to be indexed by Google search engine and shown in the first page.

Valuable backlinks will help you get valuable audiences to read your contents. It shows algorithms Google your website value. But how do you get valuable backlinks to your website?

  1. Create Valuable and Shareable Content

You need to do research on Google and find multiple contents on the same topic. Make sure they have a lot of backlinks and high traffic. Then, you create your own content by improving them using your own words and voice – don’t plagiarize!

Maria Bustillos, a Content Coordinator at HostPapa, said that you can create high value content by updating old information, adding extra useful information, replacing old images and infographics, and replacing the backlinks with more useful one.

You also need to make sure that you add social share buttons on your post or website using sharing software or plugin to make your content easy to share.

  1. Be Active on Your Social Media

You need to present your brand on multiple social media but go to where your audiences are. The common social media that your audiences may use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Based on the words by Kim Kosaka, a Director of Marketing at Alexa, the more your content delivers over the internet, the more the people will benefit from it. It influences search engines to determine you as an authority and make your content rank higher.

Every time you create a content, post the link of your content on your social media. Don’t forget to place your website link on your profile.

  1. Networking With Content Providers in Your Niche

Networking with freelance content providers like article writers or blog writers will help you for the long term. When writing content for their clients, they may do some backlinks to your content as they know you are an authority in your niche – if your content is related.

According to Digital Marketing Institute, by having good relationships, it will give you an opportunity for getting your networks to simply backlink relevant information to your website. They also will happily share your valuable content to their followers.

You can network with them through your social media, commenting on their personal blog posts, and professionally email them.

  1. Write Guest Posts on Other Website

You can search on Google to get a list of websites within your niche that allow you to guest post there. Either free or paid guest posts, this strategy will help you expose your brand and bring their audiences to your website.

As said by Shreoshe Ghosh, an author of Stan Ventures, you can get to know the websites that your competitors write guest posts by analyzing their website backlinks. You can go pitching and write guest posts for the same website.

But, you need to ensure that the website that you want to write a guest post allows you to place your website link on the post or author bio.

To conclude, if you do your backlinks right, your new audiences will love your content and will return back to your website to read other contents. You will become an authority in your niche.

Looking for a writer? Shahrulnizam Tahir is a professional copywriter, ghostwriter, and blog writer for B2C and B2B businesses. Shahrul creates digital marketing contents that can influence, engage, and convert your audiences to new leads or sales. You can get in touch with him via LinkedIn (

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