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  • Author Andrew Lawrence
  • Published February 8, 2021
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Many companies with an online sales presence are way behind in offering digital downloads. That may include some of your clients.

Digital download is poised to become a hot new online retail marketing/sales trend in 2021. Why?


One of the fundamental changes stemming from the pandemic of 2020 is how many more consumers bought online. Buying online is something that millennials and younger generations have been doing for years. During the pandemic consumers bought nearly everything online. They purchased both physical and nonphysical products and services. Many of these were digital downloads.

From, “The pandemic has pushed more shoppers online … and this trend is likely to stick, even as brick-and-mortar stores open their doors again.”

Plus, baby boomers are shopping online more and more. “There has been a significant increase in consumers over 50 who had never shopped online and are now saying, ‘Oh wow, this is so much easier than I thought,’" said Deborah Weinswig, chief executive of retail consulting firm Coresight Research.

Digital downloads is, and is destined to be, a booming market. Many retail companies offer online digital downloads. However, the retailers of online digital downloads are dominated by tech-oriented companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, often via their online app stores. The tech industry has been marketing and selling digital downloads online for decades. In 2020 digital downloads was a $200 billion industry.

Many more companies can expand their online sales presence to include digital downloadable items.

What are the advantages to a company in selling online digital downloads?

new revenue stream

low cost/ease of offering

low ongoing overhead

high profit

constant inventory

no manufacturing

no warehousing

fast delivery

no shipping

Regarding digital downloads, a company does not have to be in a tech related business, many companies may be able to simply and easily expand their online sales and marketing into online digital download areas such as digital art downloads. Or entertainment downloads. Or one of the other areas of the digital download world.

Yes, digital downloads can be a profitable and new long-term source of revenue. And you can easily and inexpensively participate.

Andrew Lawrence is a Los Angeles photographic artist who has turned some of his cool color photos into digital downloads. They are available for collaboration or partnership.

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