7 Important Reasons You Should Have a Business Email

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  • Published February 13, 2021
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Email is one of those things that everyone hopes for free. With so many free email platforms, why should you pay for it to create your own custom business email address?

There are seven main reasons why a custom email address with your business domain name is so important.

  1. This is a marketing opportunity

It gives your site more exposure and reminds people who you are and what area of ​​business you are in.

Whenever someone sees an email from your name@gmail.com , it might remind them who you are. If they see it from your name@yourwebsitename.com , then they will remember what your business is and where it is located.

Sending email from a free email account means advertising the email service provider you are using. Whereas sending it from your domain means advertising your site.

  1. Make you more professional and credible

If a potential customer or client receives your email and sees that it's from a free email address, they may get the impression that you don't take matters of your business seriously.

Think about it. If you received a sales email, which would you trust: from e-shop@gmail.com or from sales@e-shop.com ?

The first email seemed like a business that hadn't even invested the minimal amount of time and money it took to create a professional email address.

You certainly want customers to see the effort you put into your business. It builds their trust and confidence.

And it's not just customers who rate your email, but spam filters too.

  1. Increase shipping and open rates

Open rates are the average number of emails opened by subscribers. Even if the email you send is opened, it doesn't mean that the customer will take action. Especially if you are trying to send bulk emails from a free account.

Free emails are more likely to be flagged as spam. This is understandable, as spammers are less likely to incur costs to create email addresses that end up being blocked.

Not only that, but Gmail has also banned bulk sending from their accounts, limiting users to 500 per day . This makes it difficult for you to bulk email your customers using a free Gmail account.

Using a dedicated business email account eliminates this threat.

Most email hosting providers offer services to accommodate businesses interested in email marketing. With that in mind, they won't impose a limit on sending emails. An advantage for you!

  1. Eliminates advertising or data mining

Many free email services sustain their business by including advertisements. But a lot of people don't like having their email used as material for data and using it to target ads.

In the end, free services are still monetized. It's just that you're not their customer. Their customers are the entities that post advertisements. Of course, these free services will do what they need to make their customers happy.

This is not the case with paid email services. They don't depend on advertising for revenue, so you get a smooth, uninterrupted service. It may cost you a lot more, but securing your personal information is one good benefit you get.

  1. Easily create multiple emails for your business

Email services allow you to create multiple emails for a variety of purposes: marketing, order processing, customer service, and more. This builds a more professional business image, also makes it easier to organize and track email.

Having a custom email address also allows you to set standards when creating multiple email addresses.

Say you want to develop your staff. Using free email services is a barrier. You should consider whether the email of your choice is available and at the same time keep it consistent with your brand message.

So, imagine having sales_shop@gmail.com or flower_shop@gmail.com as your business email address. Long and hard for your customers to remember. Not to mention, it doesn't sound professional.

Using a paid email service makes your email look consistent and validated. You can use sales@shop.com for departments and yourname@shop.com firstname.lastname@shop.com for employee email.

  1. Keep your email safe

Having a dedicated email gives you more control over privacy and access.

Let's say your employee uses personal email to do business with customers. When they resign, you won't be able to trace those emails back. Transferring him to another employee is also impossible.

Even worse, the data from these emails could end up in the hands of people with malicious intent.

If you give your employees a custom email, you store their email in your jurisdiction, even when they leave the company. It's easy to switch to a new employee. More importantly, you can protect your business information.

  1. Can be obtained together with your hosting package

If you buy a web or domain hosting package, chances are they come bundled with an email service.

Take full advantage of what you pay for. Now that you know the importance of having a dedicated business email, don't miss this additional service.


If you don't use your business email address, you're not saving yourself money, you're throwing it away.

Think of this as an investment. When you have a business email, you get higher brand visibility, better credibility, and information security. Now, aren't those long-term results that much fun?

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