Road to Zero Nicotine: 5 Good Reasons Why Vape Without Nicotine


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  • Published February 15, 2021
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The e-cigarette was introduced to keep people away from the toxicity of tobacco. Although manufacturers have largely been successful in achieving their objective. However, the problem of nicotine addiction remains there. Nicotine is a primary ingredient in vaping and the majority of vapers are getting addicted to it.

The best part of vaping is that one can choose their level of nicotine to enjoy different strengths. Then there is the option of zero nicotine as well. Many vapers begin vaping to leave cigarettes and keeping their nicotine strengths lower. Some get successful in bringing it down to zero while others get addicted to it. Although nicotine isn't that harmful there is still some amount of toxicity that can be harmful to you. Hence vaping without nicotine can be a better option. If you are wondering what's the charm in that? Here are 5 good reasons that tell you why vape without nicotine.

1.No Room for Addiction

E-liquids contain VG, PG, artificial flavors, water, and nicotine. These are the ingredients that make up an e-liquid. Out of all these, nicotine is the only one that gets one addicted to it. The other ingredients are flavors and or vegetable extracts that are free from nerve exciting components. If you eliminate nicotine from these, the entire thing will become non-addictive. Hence, juices that contain no nicotine are non-addictive and don't get you to crave for vaping. You can do it for fun but get rid of the nerve exciting needs of nicotine.

2.No Nicotine Liquids Are Non-Toxic

Nicotine is a toxin extracted from the tobacco plant. This is used by humans as a simulant and a toxin. An adult gets stimulated easily by taking nicotine. Although the amount of toxicity present in it is less. However, it still contains components that are harmful to human health. Hence nicotine-containing e-liquids should be avoided to avoid harmful effects on the nervous system and lungs.

3.Makes Vaping Smooth

Vaping cannot be the same as smoking, it doesn't give you a punch in the throat as a cigarette or cigar gives. Vapers love having their e-liquids filled with some level of nicotine to enjoy that throat hit. Some vapers do enjoy it initially however they complain of it being too hard later on. On the other hand, non-nicotine juices do not give that hard throat punches and give a smooth vaping experience. This is why decreasing nicotine levels in vape juice is necessary.

4.Best for Blowing Clouds

If you enjoy making thick and big smoke clouds. Non-nicotine flavors are the best for you. You can practice smoke tricks using non-nicotine e-liquids and enjoy making O’s and waterfalls out of your vape.

5.Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

If you want to satisfy your sweet cravings, you can do that with your vape. Just get your favorite e-liquid flavors and start vaping. It is free of any harm and can help you kill your sweet craving in style. No need to inhale excessive nicotine and harm yourself when you just need a little bit of sweetness.

Cutting down on nicotine from your E Cigarette Accessories can not just be safe but also spare you from unnecessary addiction.

Caitlin Todd is a skeptic and shrewd analyst. She works as a Digital Marketing Expert at ECO Vapors, UK. She believes in carrying out systematic steps, from root level research to reaching put prospects, to ensure achieving real results.

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