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Export Import is an activity that benefits the country and its people. This activity certainly has objectives, advantages and impacts for a country that manages it. Below is an explanation of the definition of exports and imports, export and import destinations, the benefits of exports and imports, and the impact of exports and imports.

The definition of export is the business of selling domestic goods abroad. For example, the ginger plants found in Indonesia are quite abundant. Therefore, the ginger will be sent to the countries of the world to meet their ginger consumption needs. The definition of import is the business of selling foreign goods in the country. This is done so that the needs of the community in the country can be met. For example, Indonesia needs a lot of wheat but its territory cannot grow it. Therefore, Indonesia brings wheat from abroad so that the needs of its people can be met.

In terms of exports and imports, we can conclude that this activity is a domestic and foreign purchase and sale operation. However, in carrying out the import business, there are two things that need to be considered, namely the quotas and taxes in the trade regulations. Imported products are generally subject to taxes imposed by importers. After that, the tax will be charged again to consumers who purchase the imported goods. This is what makes the prices of imported goods quite expensive. In addition, the government also limits the quota for imported products entering the country.

After discussing the meaning of export and import as well as export and import destinations. I will continue by explaining the benefits of exports and imports. The following is an explanation of the benefits of exports and the benefits of imports:

Advantages for export

Exporting overseas activities generate numerous benefits for the people of the country. Regarding some of the benefits of exports, namely:

The Indonesian state can expand its commercial or market area.

Foreign currency can rise.

Foreign currency can be broader.

Advantages of importing

Importing activities produce numerous benefits for the country's population. The advantages of imports are:

Obtaining goods and services that are not obtained within the country.

Get more modern technology.

Get the required raw materials.

After knowing what Import Export is and its advantages, this time we will inform you about the tools / media for exporting and importing.

In the world of freight shipping, there are many types of media that we can use, one of which is the use of containers.

Shipping containerized goods has many benefits, including:

a). Fast and economical handling of containers, especially during loading and unloading in ports or interfaces.

b). Security against damage and theft is better maintained, especially for small or valuable items.

c). Efficient, because a lane of 12 people can carry out loading and unloading activities for container ships within 3 or 4 days. If 100 people do the same thing, it will take 3 or 4 weeks.

d). The packaging of the goods must not be too sturdy, because stacking can be limited to the depth of the container.

is). It can be used for door to door transportation.

Observing these benefits, of course, will greatly help increase exports and imports, which in turn will benefit economic progress.

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