Energy prices are climbing and showing no sign of slowing down, PVC Strip offer some sound advice


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  • Published March 22, 2021
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Energy prices are climbing and showing no sign of slowing down, but what energy saving solutions can you apply to your workplace? PVC Strip offer some sound advice.

Making simple energy saving changes to improve your efficiency can save you money, plus it’s good for the planet too! On brighter days, switching lights off and allowing natural light in will avoid any wasted energy. This may seem like a small thing to do but if implemented enough throughout the week or month, you will notice the difference!

Offices constantly have appliances running throughout the day, from PC’s, desk fans, radios, and printers – it is easy to see how energy bills are sky high! It’s often a necessity that these items are switched on, however, it can be very costly. If your workplace makes a conscious effort to switch appliances off when not in use, you will be surprised at the energy savings you can make. It also makes a huge impact switching to energy saving light bulbs where possible, for example, changing tube lights to T5 energy efficient lighting ‘saved £2,282 on the annual energy bill and 8.52 tonnes of CO2 emissions.’.

PVC-Strip are the UK’s largest manufacturer of PVC strip curtains and hold the largest stock of PVC strip rolls in the UK. They offer a price match guarantee on their PVC strip curtains and will not be beaten on any “like for like” written quotation. They constantly review their pricing so they can remain extremely competitive in the PVC market. They also guarantee that when you purchase from PVC-Strip, you are purchasing the highest quality product at the best price on the market.

Companies are introducing measures wherever possible to keep energy bills low, whilst maintaining a reputable carbon footprint and a “green” image. To counterbalance energy price increases we must try to prevent heat loss in industrial and commercial environments. There are two ways to do this: Insulate and then protect.

Insulation is a primary factor in relation to heat loss and must be investigated extensively. Insulate your roofs, wall panels, offices, and access points to ensure heat is retained wherever possible. To achieve maximum efficiencies however we should also consider introducing PVC strip curtains in areas of high footfall/traffic as a means of protection against energy loss. Internal and External Doors that are constantly open to allow traffic and pedestrians access, will cost you greatly, as the cold air enters the building and the warm air escapes or vice versa the air-conditioned cool air escapes and the hot external environment enters.

The simplest solution to this expensive problem is to install PVC strip curtains which allow easy, hands-free access through openings, they return to their original position rapidly and create a substantial barrier between internal and external areas. Case studies have shown that energy bills can be reduced by up to 60% if installed correctly.

Considering that an average PVC Strip Curtains cost less to purchase and install than your average monthly energy bill, and will pay for themselves usually within 3 months, it makes sense to speak to the specialists at PVC-Strip, invest a small amount in an economical product, that in the long run will save you money and improve both your carbon footprint and green image.

PVC Strip

Unit 11B, Palatine Industrial Estate

Causeway Avenue

Warrington, Cheshire WA4 6QQ

Unit 11B, Palatine Industrial Estate

Causeway Avenue

Warrington, Cheshire WA4 6QQ

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