How Do I Make Money From My Network Marketing Business?

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  • Published April 24, 2021
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Even though Network Marketing has been around for many many years and even decades now, there are some people out there that think it is a well crafted scam. The truth is, the network marketing business vertical stood up in a court of law, when it was legally challenged in the 1980's. However, if you are going to consider a network marketing business, you must consider a few key things such as the company, the marketing plan and the business compensation plan just to get started.

There are many companies out there who will tell you that they are the best network marketing company and in that short span of time they might become the best network marketing company but in reality, they will fade away in the next one or two years if they do not get the right support plan and the right training plan for their associates.

The main business compensation plan that many companies follow is the binary plan and the reason why many people do not get on the bandwagon is because they can not generate enough leads within their list. After all, the whole purpose of network marketing is to build a list of prospects and build long-term relationships with them. The fact is, people do not care how great the product is, they want to know how it benefits them in the long run.

If you want to build a huge and long-term downline, you will have to learn how to make your business profitable within the first six months of starting up your business. However, if you do not have the right skills, you will have to build up your business as a retail business because most people do not know how to generate leads on their own. It is of course critical that you have the right skills and know how to generate leads by the right marketing strategies to build a huge downline. The fact is, most people do not even know how to do online marketing so they will have to learn the fundamentals for themselves. The more you rely on the internet for your business, the more you will see your downline grow exponentially.

This is where the online marketing becomes even more crucial because if you do not know how to market online, it will take you a lot of time and effort to try and figure it out on your own. On top of this, most people do not know how to generate leads on the internet either so they will have to rely on the internet for that as well. The biggest point of this is that if you are starting your business offline and you don't know how to generate leads online, you will have to go back to the offline mode to try and figure out how to market online for the first time.

So if you want to grow your downline and see a steady flow of income from your network marketing business, you will have to learn how to market online using pay per click marketing, article marketing and blog marketing so you can generate an endless flow of leads into your business. The time and effort you will have to put into online marketing will save you a lot of time and effort and eventually you will see your network marketing business grow.

In recent years we have redefined a few of the biggest headaches that surround the traditional network marketing industry. One of the biggest traps is that statistically 80% of anyone you prospect, will not be initially interested in your business, the opportunity or the products. However, they are highly likely to purchase training and tools if they are an option and even more likely if they are approached with this first versus trying to "sell them" on any opportunity right out of the gate.

If you want to take a look at what we have done take a look at the Simple Business Start-Up Model at and see just how effective making the smallest change in strategy can exponentially change the results are getting in your business.

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