"All races have an opportunity to put their best foot forward in life", says Dr. Marcia


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California/Canadian-Media: Dr. Maricia Ann Mims Coppertino, Founder and the Director of Operations of Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group as well the Major Fundraiser for Corporations and Professional Executives, and elected as Executive Director to WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE, WOMEN OF FAITH, INC., 2021–2022 opened up with Asha Bajaj, Editorial-Director of Canadian-Media during an E-mail interview to do give a few details of her role as CEO of CAACG as well as different services to the nation.

Given below is an excerpt of an interview:

Asha (A) to Marcia (M): When did CAACG originate? Please give a description of all the platforms in which you are engaged in CAACG, and the services you provide.

Marcia: CAACG was originated in 1978 as the US International Business System of Corporate, Partnership, Sole Proprietor, Small Business. The services provided by CAACG are in the fields of Business structure and development; Business Advisory and Counsel; Business Management, Reputation damage, Reversal, and Control Press, Publicity in media relations, Worldwide Event singing celebration, Business acquisitions, mergers and closures, and Red carpet ribbon-cutting celebrations and ceremonies.

A: What are your roles as a director of operations of this group? How many people are employed in this group? Name a few categories.

M: My role as director of operations is to oversee staff in graphic services, content development for marketing services to clients, review of content for placement in the community, teaching and instructing staff and clients in business management and business maintenance. We have a staff of seven and 22 outside contractors that help keep the wheels of success for clients rolling.

Tell us in brief about your contribution as a community activist, lover of children, animals, and defender of the people.

As a community activist, I attend rallies, gatherings, and meetings that assist politicians and law enforcement in dispensing stories that lead to peace, understanding, and cooperation with local community leaders and friends of the people. Our firm keeps notice and publishes information from COVID 19 to meetings designed to alert and inform all in the city and state and nationwide.

List a few organizations to which CAACG contributes?

CAACG contributes to church and faith-based organizations, children’s defense and health-related organizations, elder and nursing home alerts, school and college walks, how our politicians assist the community, and other related directions.

What is the mission and vision of your consulting group?

The mission and vision of CAACG are to help heal hearts and souls with content they can trust, take comfort in, and know whatever is reported has been verified and proved correct. We want our clients whole and healthy and hopeful through all we report as an extension of their daily lives.

You also act as an advisor, counselor, and mentor to faith-based, corporate, and non-profit business entities. Please list a few services under each group that you provide. We provide the following services

To Faith-based organizations: singing, counseling, intervention, promotions of programs, and attending their programs.

To Corporate organizations: all corporate business services relating to business management and business development, and counseling

To Nonprofit organizations: we help in setting up business content and developing their status from start-up to compliance counseling for local and state governments.

A: List a few strategies you take to help an unsuccessful business to become successful?

M: When any business is unsuccessful, we teach them with a heart and soul to turn around and go in the opposite direction gathering new friends, new staff, new insights, new counselors, dance to a new tune in the neighborhood. Most of all draw up the mindset that you are and were summoned and called to do the business you have embarked on. Call your staff soldiers and treat them like that until the business name becomes their lifeline

A: List a few services as a Director of FOR THE END? What motivated you to this role?

M: For the end answers the call for final end and life’s end decisions for those who know and believe that their last…should be their best. It calls for a final act of dignity on the part of those left behind and those left to live without their loved ones. We came in naked and like eve must suit up and honor the body with the best in burial fashions this world has to offer. How can one enter heaven sloppy, disrespectful to the life-giver and their parents?

A: I have just had a chance to read the book that you sent me, “21 Days with the Mistress of King Midas,” and would like to know about your upcoming publication.

M: I have two upcoming publications. These are “The Anatomy of a Gravedigger” relating to those who seek to kill and destroy the reputations of those closest to you, and the other is “The Face and Personality of Cancer: Who He Is, Why He Is And Why He Cannot Be Killed.” This book in particular examines the DNS of cancer and its origin. Shocking!

A: What motivated you to write books? Besides books do you also contribute to the media? If so, in which format? I learned that you have also heart-touching poems and you have a passion for singing also. Can you tell us a little more about these passions?

M: The motivation behind the quest to write books came about when I felt a need to alert and warn and steer people in a direction of peace and tranquility with words of caution. I love people and consider myself their keeper on earth no matter how bad things may look! Yes, we submit close to 3k promoted and tracked event notifications nationwide monthly.

I was walking in a grocery store at midnight singing to piped-in opera music when the artistic director for south bay opera came around into the aisle and heard me. He asked me if I was singing and I said yes. He handed me a business card and asked me to call him for an opportunity to sing in the production…cosi fan tuti. I raced home and the next day I was in his studio with a 300-page opera score. I had to learn Italian within 2 weeks and there I was in peasants clothes on stage. I ended up becoming the managing director of his opera company. I learned to speak, write and sing in all the major languages, and until COVID-19 Pandemic hit the universe, sung sacred classical songs in churches across the state. Now that they are re-opening that again will be my give back.

A: Can you tell us more about your involvement and contribution towards “The Mercy Mission Bear and Hospital and Adoption Agency (MMBHAA)?”

M: MMBHAA is another nonprofit project of CAACG. We visit sick and dying children across the city and hand them a teddy bear for comfort. Now working with the pediatric wing of Torrance Memorial Hospital, we bring cheer and hope for the hopeless in their final days of living. We accept donations of cash, new and used teddy bears whereby new bears are given away and older used teddy bears are cleaned up and dressed and sold at auctions to keep our hospital annex door open, and to buy more bears. One bear that I went to auction was sold for over $200k. We accept bears from across the country. Have bear. Will travel!

A: As a former Outreach Coordinator for the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine, you were invited to join research scholars during the Summer of 2016 in Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, to study International Conflicts, Relations, and Diplomacy Studies. How did you contribute to society and communities in international conflict issues?

M: By reporting the truth in earnest and making sure that information helps resolve internal and country-based strife. All living beings should have an opportunity to hear 2 sides of a story that can save and uplift lives by knowledge and understanding that this world belongs to all of us and not some of us.

A: You also do radio show interviews. In which channel can we see that? When did you start this and how many episodes have you done so far? What are the most common themes of your episodes?

M: Every Saturday from 8 am to 9 am, Blog Talk online radio presents “Global Vision for Living Today” which covers call-in and the weekly recap of world situations that concern the average citizen and that gives them the news in a down-to-earth format even grandpa can understand. We cover family, community, and faith-based hope comments designed for all. We have presented over 145 live shows and from a lowly start in 2010 we have a dedicated and loyal audience. A common theme? Love thy neighbor as thyself! All are welcome.

A: Please tell us about your contributions to people of color.

M: While we make sure the plight of people of color is addressed, we also make sure all lives matter with CAACG and the radio show. All races have an opportunity to put their best foot forward in life and to practice wholesale forgiveness no matter what or who is in office. Many black people come from a religious and church-based organization and they know and have been taught better than all…

”to love one another and do good with forgiveness to and for all.”

That's it. All of the uprisings and blame game will do none of us any real good so our mantra….go about your business for the sake of all and let the higher power do the rest! 70 percent of CAACG are white, 20 percent black, and the rest are Mexicans and Asians.

A: What are your future plans?

M: My future plans are table talks, live interviews, and the book project in a film format. ​

A: Please tell us about the International Peace Platform.

A platform for peace is an international project that trains common citizens with a mission to hold peace-related programs and to help community leaders in the quest for worldwide peace. They host events every two months to spread the news of peace for all.

My name is Asha Bajaj and I am the editorial-director, and publisher of Canadian Media (www.canadian-media.com), which is a digital news media publication of both national and international news on varied segments of society.

I am also a Special Canadian correspondent of IBNSCanada Inc. (part of https://www.indiablooms.com/world-home-main.html).

I also have access to quite a few digital media platforms for publications and promotion.

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