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  • Published May 12, 2021
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Do you brand or optimize for search?

Marketers have a tendency to think in very narrow, exclusive categories, separating their branding and SEO efforts. This causes a misalignment between a company's SEO and brand strategy, resulting in poor results. By combining branding and SEO, you can increase brand scope and boost brand image by generating organic traffic from search engines. An SEO agency can help you build your brand and combine SEO to generate organic traffic.

5 Ways SEO Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

  1. Link Building

Let's begin with a no-brainer. Isn't it true that growing brand awareness entails increasing brand recognition and acknowledgment? Consider the virtual world where SEO reigns supreme. This is where establishing strategic links comes into play.

Broken link building, infographic development, and active participation in social media communities are all effective ways to create strong links.

When you gain a lot of exposure on sites like Reddit, your brand recognition will skyrocket, and backlinks will inevitably follow. Both the branding and the SEO benefit organically in the end. This is one of the objectives of link building, which is to increase your audience and build your brand.

  1. Branding Optimized Content

One of the most effective ways to promote your business or brand is by content marketing. When SEO and branding are combined in the form of excellent content, you get a lot of stopping power.

To do this, the focus must first and foremost be on the content itself. There's a two-pronged approach to producing great content: satisfy the audience's need for new knowledge while still keeping search engine crawlers happy. If you stick to good SEO practices, your brand can only grow stronger.

  1. Longtail Keywords

The basic logic behind keywords is the consumer’s intent when performing a search. These can be summarized as:

Navigational – The goal is to get to a specific website, individual, or brand. These are very unique, and the majority of them search for a specific domain (Facebook, Nike, Coca Cola, etc.)

Informational – These searches are looking for content that is more common and appears on several web pages (headache cure, laptop reviews, etc.)

Transactional – The aim is to find help to complete tasks (subscribe, get, buy, etc.)

Commercial – This is your usual, run-of-the-mill search that precedes a purchase (price, description, etc.)

The rules of the game are simple: long-tail keywords enable a brand to target very specific audiences that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Longtail Keywords

If a company makes custom decorative boxes, it should prioritise ranking high for terms like "custom decorative boxes prices." Given that any serious SEO campaign can target thousands of long-tail keywords, you can start creating your own market rather than relying on anyone else's.

  1. Target Niche Audiences

Instead of simply engaging with your audience, you should enlist their support in building your brand in the modern era.

Small companies can use smart keyword research to gain an advantage over the competition and build a hyper-focused brand for the big win by targeting a niche audience.

Here's how narrowing down keywords to a niche will help you grow your brand: by narrowing down keywords to a niche, you have a much better chance of engaging with potential customers, interacting with current customers, and successfully targeting your offers.

The mantra here is simple: a focused brand is a successful brand. Keyword research can help you dominate your chosen niche.

  1. Promote Brand Image

Controlling the brand image is the end boss in the game of brand recognition. You will see a significant rise in sales if you can effectively create a strong brand picture. But how can SEO assist you in gaining more influence of your brand's perception?

Optimize the content with the keywords you want to be associated with the most. When your keyword strategy and brand strategy are in sync, SEO can be used to shape brand perception.

Also, don’t forget to measure.

You will get real-time insight into how your brand is performing by analysing clicks, overall traffic and engagement, and conversion rate as soon as your plan is up and running.

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