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  • Author John Yuen
  • Published May 26, 2021
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Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science. It attempts to understand the essence of intelligence and produce a new intelligent machine that can respond in a similar way to human intelligence. Research in this field includes robotics, language recognition, image recognition, Natural language processing and expert systems, etc. Since the birth of artificial intelligence, the theory and technology have become increasingly mature, and the field of application has continued to expand. It is conceivable that the technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will be the “containers” of human wisdom. Artificial intelligence can simulate the information process of human consciousness and thinking. Artificial intelligence is not human intelligence, but it can think like humans and may exceed human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a very challenging science, and people who are engaged in this work must understand computer knowledge, psychology and philosophy. Artificial intelligence includes a very wide range of sciences. It is composed of different fields, such as machine learning, computer vision, etc. Generally speaking, one of the main goals of artificial intelligence research is to make machines competent for some tasks that usually require human intelligence. Complex work. But different times and different people have different understandings of this “complex work”.

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