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  • Published June 1, 2021
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The digital revolution has handed more power to consumers by increasing choice and information. And in this revolution, it is now consumers who drive the relationship. With so much choice and information available it is no longer enough for consumers to find your site. After all, when they arrive at the website you are still no more than a stranger and there is no need to do business with strangers. In the digital world of scams and skepticism - how do you convince consumers to trust your business? We look at 6 ways you can build trust in your business online.

Customer testimonials and reviews

Like it or not consumers are now talking online. In fact, 93% of consumers said reviews influenced their purchasing decisions. If you can entice customers to give you a video or written review, they can provide you with one of the best trust-building forms of content available. However, these will still garner some skepticism – after all they have likely been orchestrated and edited by you. Third party reviews on the other hand are more likely to be considered real and genuine. Reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook or Trip Advisor, allow customers to define in their own words their interaction with your business. Linking these reviews to your website and social media will help to build trust in your business.

Clear and visible contact information

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to contact a company and being unable to find the information. As well as frustrating if your contact details are not clear and visible, consumers are likely to question why. Clearly displaying your phone number and email in a variety of places on your website and social media gives visitors the confidence that they will be able to contact you if necessary. Contact forms provide a convenient way for consumers to contact you, but they rely entirely on you getting back to them quickly. Having photos of staff and your address easily accessible also help to build trust in your business.

Be human

Despite the digital revolution human contact is still a vital part of building a trust relationship with your consumers. This means returning calls quickly and responding promptly to the emails, messages on social media and forms on your website. Set up an auto reply on your forms and social media enquiries stating when you will respond and then stick to it. Never leave customers hanging, waiting for a response. Human contact is more than just a fast response – it is also about personalising the relationship. Take every opportunity to be more than just a brand, take time to answer each request properly and always remain professional.

Be open and honest

Let’s face it, the best way to build trust in any relationship is to be open and honest. By letting your company values shine through on your website and social media, you are showing your customers what you are really about. Additionally, offering consumers answers to frequently asked questions, easy access to returns procedures and terms and conditions on your website will help to build trust. It is also important to provide them with honest and realistic photos wherever possible. Avoid using stock photos, particularly on product or services pages.

Professional website design

With so many tools available it is now easy for small and medium sized businesses to build their own websites. And while this might seem like a good money saving idea at the time, a professional website is not as easy as it might sound. And 46% of consumers say that website design is the number one criterion they use to discern the credibility of a company. Good website design will:

  • be easy to navigate

  • represent your brand

  • be easy to read and draw consumers to the most important parts

  • be optimized for mobile devices

  • be quick to load

  • be error free

Quality content

Providing quality, non-promotional content on your website and social media is a great way to build trust in your business. Be this via a blog, you tube channel or hosting a podcast, consumers recognize and respect that it takes time, and some passion, to produce this content. It tells them that you are willing to go above and beyond to help them solve problems or provide them with advice, without asking for a credit card.

We can help

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