Solar Car Parks: Commercial Solar Options


  • Author Felicity Dougherty
  • Published June 17, 2021
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Solar Car Parks are car park coverings that are made from a steel and hold solar panels for the purposes of creating solar energy. A solar car park is an innovative use of traditional solar panels and car park shade structures to create something completely new. The solar carpark can generate power that is completely renewable. It is an excellent commercial solar opportunity using the existing car park space to create a small solar farm on site of the car park.

When you are looking for a shade structure for your commercial entity perhaps consider a solar car park. It is important to look more broadly than traditional rooftop solar, especially when you are working in commercial applications. Investment in a solar car park is just that - an investment.

Solar car parks are constructed using PV structures either in a brand new space or retrofitted to an existing car parking lot. They are both cost effective and a great way to get a shade structure for your car park. They can be purchased under a Power Purchasing Agreement which means there is not a need to outlay significant capital.

But the big question is are solar car parks worth it? Especially in terms of the power that they generate. In fact, yes, solar car parks do generate a significant amount of solar energy. The amount of solar power that is generated will change depending on the size of the car park and some other inputs, however, generally, a car space will create 3kW of solar power. Multiply that by the number of carparks and the numbers really do stack up.

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