How to reduce deformation of aluminum alloy stamping parts

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  • Author William Wang
  • Published June 21, 2021
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Stamping manufacturers are producing metal stamping parts of various materials, and sometimes there will be deformation problems. Among them, aluminum alloy stamping parts have a relatively large thermal expansion coefficient, which will increase this deformation. So how to reduce the deformation in the processing of aluminum alloy metal stamping parts? The following is a brief answer for you.

The reasons for the deformation include the material of the part, the shape of the part, the production condition and the performance of the cutting fluid. It is manifested as the deformation caused by the internal stress of the blank during the stamping process with the mold, the deformation caused by the cutting force, the deformation caused by the cutting heat, and the deformation caused by the clamping force. .

  1. Reduce the internal stress of the blank. Natural or artificial aging and vibration treatment can partially eliminate the internal stress of the blank. Pre-processing is also an effective process. For larger blanks, due to the large margin, the deformation may increase after processing. , If the excess part of the blank is processed first, the margin of each part is reduced, and placed for a period of time in advance, it can not only release part of the internal stress, but also reduce the deformation during processing;

  2. Reasonable selection of tool geometric parameters to improve the cutting ability of the tool; the material and geometric parameters of the tool have an important influence on the cutting force and cutting heat. The correct selection of the tool is very important to reduce the deformation of the parts;

  3. Adjust the clamping method of aluminum alloy stamping parts; for thin-walled aluminum alloy stamping parts with relatively poor rigidity, if a three-jaw self-centering chuck or spring chuck is used to clamp from the radial direction, once the stamping part is loosened after processing, the stamping part must be Deformed. At this time, the method of pressing the axial end face with better rigidity should be used. To locate the inner hole of the part, make a self-made threaded through mandrel, sleeve it into the inner hole of the part, and press the end face with a cover plate on it, and then tighten it with a nut. The clamping deformation can be avoided when the outer circle is processed, thereby obtaining satisfactory processing accuracy. When processing thin-walled and thin-plate stamping parts, vacuum suction cups are used to obtain evenly distributed clamping force, and then processed with a smaller cutting amount, which can well prevent stamping part deformation.

How to reduce deformation of aluminum alloy stamping parts

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