What Is the Significance of Christian and Catholic Jewelry Cross Variants?

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  • Published June 10, 2021
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A piece of jewelry is justified as a work of art, but its importance glorifies when meanings are added to it. Symbolism, faith, jewelry, culture- these interconnected terms share an imperishable bond. Any kind of religious pendant necklaces is a trademark of our ancient history and heritage. Earlier the designs of jewelry used to be inspired by the beautiful and lively elements of nature. They believed that " imperfection is the new perfection" and that is the reason they used to transform feathers, branches, leaves, and twigs into jewelry. Even in Ancient Greek civilization, they turned gold into a wearable pantheon to show their dedication to God.

At the dawn of human civilization, people used to worship nature as God. So the Inspirational religious jewelry featuring natural components was widely admired by both men and women. From celestial to the mystical to oriental traditions the value and definition of religious inspirational jewelry had always kept changing. This particular kind of jewelry says a lot about your inner personality. Its uniqueness can make you the trendsetter of the party. From gold, diamonds to expensive gems and stones, there is no shortage of variation in Inspirational Religious Jewelry regardless of your belief. Be it Christian, Egyptian, Judeo-Christian, or any other kind of religious ornaments, in Jewelry America you can get a wide range of variety along with several sizes, prices, and designs.

The most commonly used religious jewelry symbol would be a plain orthodox Christian cross. Before the Christianization, Christians, especially in Rome used to wear Crosses and Ichthys to overcome their difficult times. The idea of this cross was derived from the brutal Crucifixion of Jesus, which again and again reminds us about humanity. A Christian cross is nothing but a bearer of all the teachings that Lord Jesus gave us during his lifetime and even in the time of his death. The cross is believed to be bestowed with blessings and protection from the Almighty.

The practice of blending the perfect jewelry with several outfits takes us back to our glorious ancient times. World History is proof that men have always been more particular when it comes to picking jewelry, especially solid gold cross pendants. The prehistoric culture of Vedic, Harappa-Mohenjo-Daro civilization signified solid cross gold pendants as a sign of status, wealth, and prestige. The solid gold cross pendants for men have originated from the 2nd Century when a Tertullian church father described the cross as a sign of Christian devotion. Again in the 3rd century, St. Clement of Alexandria- described it as a blessing of the Lord whereas in the 4th century St. Paulinus of Nola expressed this as a sacred symbol of both passion and protection. Archaeologists found evidence of using solid gold cross pendants in Roman and Egyptian culture, near about the 5th and 6th centuries. Era by era the value and value of the holy cross have been evolving. Now, these cross pendants have become more like a style statement for all the fashion fanatics worldwide.

Now more than just a religious symbol a Christian cross has been considered as one of the staple fashion statements. In fact now when you go online you get to browse a lot of gold cross jewelry and that too with different kinds of variations. For example:

Simple Orthodox cross: These kinds of crosses are simple crosses with no kind of complex artwork. People who believe in minimalism and a simple lifestyle can opt for this.

INRI cross: This kind of cross has a different significance and meaning. The crosses are engraved with the word "INRI", which stands for "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum", which means "Jesus of Nazareth, the king of Jews."

Trefoil cross: The trefoil crosses have blunt and floral edges; it basically looks like a flower or a knob.

Cross medallions: Cross-cut medallions are also a great option. The medal is designed with a cross-cut in the middle, which is a bit of an innovative way to express yourself.

It's unfortunate that people are forgetting the value. In the world of fashion fanatics, it's very hard now to find a person who is well-versed about the attributes and the importance of these religious symbols.

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