Melatonin and Aging


  • Author Dr Sukhraj Dhillon
  • Published July 1, 2021
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“FOREVER YOUNG means positive attitude and love for life. We grow old when we quit playing.”

“Aging is inevitable, but no reason to associate it with pain, disability or mental decline.”

Use of Melatonin -- a non-prescription hormone that body produces naturally is promising to slow aging -- but we're not sure about long term effects.

How Does Melatonin Link to Aging?

• The pineal gland that produces melatonin shrinks with age, so melatonin production declines as we age.

• In addition to the pineal gland, digestive tract is another source of melatonin production. And melatonin production increases in the digestive tract when calories are restricted, which may explain why dietary restrictions have shown to increase life span.

• The mice experiments have shown at least 20% increase in life span with dietary restrictions.

• It's a powerful antioxidant.

• It enhances the immune system.

• Benefits such as preventing cancer and protecting heart, providing restful sleep will indirectly prolong life.

Of course, there are surer routes to good health and longevity. Here're few other suggestions to control signs of aging and to keep young forever:

• Adopt the Life Style associated with Longevity--regular exercise, low fat diet, no smoking, moderate drinking, sleeping seven or eight hours-but not less than six or more than nine, using mental abilities, discipline, altruism, optimism, spiritual faith and above all love of life.

• Other common sense tips include: active life-having a reason for living, an active sex life, controlling stress, good marriage and social life, proper use of lungs, proper use of intercostal muscles, and using diaphragm for proper deep Breathing.

• Common sense tips based on aging theories: (1) Use antioxidants such as Vitamins E and C, and Selenium (2) Lower polyunsaturated (vegetable oils) fat in diet (3) Diet to slow autoimmune aging (4) Consume Nucleic Acids (DNA, RNA) to repair age-related damage.

• Keep Young with Biochemicals that are SAFE and NATURAL such as certain vitamins, and enzymes--many of them are present in natural foods.

“We don't quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing."

“I don't believe in AGE. I believe in ENERGY...93-years old Yoga-teacher."

•Source: "Forever Young"

About the Author: Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon is an eminent Scientist with numerous research publications in life sciences who studied at Yale University and served as a Professor at University in North Carolina. He has written more than a dozen books on topics of Health, Aging, Vegetarianism, Weight control, Stress-free living, Meditation, Yoga, Power of Now, Spirituality, Soul, God, Science, and Religion.

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