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The high-quality diamonds are bought loosely because they did not easily fit in the set. It also creates an impact on finding the perfect shape, size, and quality. Especially for your wedding and engagement, you want to have the quintessential ring.

Due to the advent of technology, you have many options to choose your loose diamonds. Thanks to online jewelry specialists like Diamond Collection Inc., you can customize your jewelry, either from the existing design or take out the designs shown in your favorite movies.

Buying a loose diamond is not a complicated thing, but before you begin, you have to do a lot of research so that you get the authentic information. Here, we have jotted some major points for you to consider before buying loose diamonds.

How to purchase loose diamonds?

  1. Certified Diamonds

In Diamonds, the quality matters a lot, and the certified diamonds are rare to recognize. The best way to check the certified diamonds is to get a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS).

These two institutions are reputed and non-profit organizations and promise to protect customers from fraudsters. AGS is pioneering in providing diamond cut grading, and they are the ones who invented ideal cut grades.

On the other hand, GIA conducts the world standards, and they invented the four C’s and diamond grading system.

4 Cs are:





  1. Consider the Shape

The first step in buying the loose diamond is to select the shape. The most popular shape of the loose diamond is the round cut that is commonly designed for solitaire and halo setting diamond jewelry.

But you must also keep this point in mind that round cut diamonds are the expensive ones in the market.

The other fancy shapes like princess, oval, cushion can also make an impression and they can help you save 20% per carat as compared to the round cuts.

In all forms of shape, you can easily craft the desirable and beautiful ring.

  1. Set Budget

After filtering the shape, it becomes necessary to check whether your shape sets your budget or not.

Ask yourself, Are you prepared to spend a thousand dollars on your ring?

According to a survey, it states that the average cost of a diamond engagement or wedding ring is more than $6000.

Also, you have to set your priority, even if you want to have smaller diamonds, larger diamonds, and with more cuts, higher quality. The final stage is to finalize by giving preference to quality in budget-friendliness.

  1. Shop

Depending on trustworthy sites and outlets adds happiness to your celebration. Do extensive research for the best source and your easy peasy knowledge, we are the best in this Industry, and at Diamond Collection you can get the authentic diamond under the supervision of jewelry experts.

  1. Store diamond safely

The best way to avoid the hustle, you can keep the diamond individually in a box with its grading report. Also, keep away your other gemstones because the properties of the diamond can create cuts on them.

While buying from us, we provide you the best storage box.

  1. Time to set the diamond

Now, as you have chosen the diamonds already, it is time to set the diamond on any piece of jewelry.

The options you choose depend solely on your imagination but most people consider buying the designs that are retro and classic to last forever as the heirloom jewelry in the family.

How is buying loose diamonds a good investment?

Diamonds are the best gifts for your loved ones, and it is a treasure to keep with you. Here are some reasons that explain why loose diamonds are a good investment.

  1. The high-quality diamonds weighing 2-3 grams are equivalent to 100 kgs of gold. With this fact, diamond probably makes a perfect emergency investment.

  2. It is a tangible asset, easily shown to potential buyers.

  3. Easy to set on fashionable jewelry collections such as pendants, necklaces, and rings.

  4. Diamonds are durable because they are the hardest material in the world. So, you do not have to care much about it. Anyhow, the beautiful

appearance will remain the same.

  1. From an investment point of view, Diamonds are inflation-proof, and they are movable and durable.

We believe that after reading the article, you must have understood in-depth about Diamond purity and investment. However, still, you want to plan and buy diamonds from us. Then you can explore our Loose Diamonds options.

For your easy understanding, we have made the buying experience customized and user-friendly.

Here, you can use the following filters listed below:

  1. Shape

We have various diamond shapes available at our store.

Round brilliant-cut

Princess cut


Cushion cut






Heart shaped

  1. Price

Set the meter range to 200000.

  1. Carat

Set the meter between 0.01 to 14.49

  1. Cut

Get the range value visible into various categories. The following are arranged in ascending order.

Good < Very Good < Excellent < Ideal

  1. Color

The meter scale ranges from D to M.

  1. Clarity

The meter scale ranges from I1 to IF.

When you set the filter, you get all the information about the loose diamonds. Apart from this, you can have an eye on our latest diamond collection of jewelry. We can relate with the consciousness you have when you plan to buy a loose diamond. With this article we expect that we provided the best knowledge and credible information to you. For more such jewelry options, you can visit our best diamond jewelry store.

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