Do You Know Series — Whether To Use A Housing Agent


  • Author Jolene Ho
  • Published August 26, 2021
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Very often, Singaporeans buying or selling a home for the first time are completely clueless as to what happens in a property transaction. A real estate agent will be able to clearly explain and guide you through the process from analysing your financial status including available grants for HDB properties to a detailed timeline from sale to purchase and identifying the type of property based on financials and investment objectives.


What’s that?

When do you put down the downpayment and when do you need to start applying for a bank loan?

And what are all these documents they’re asking you to sign?

How much will you cash out after the sale?

Will there be a negative sale?

What do negative sales imply?

What other hidden fees prior to net cash?

Can you be bothered to do your own research to find out what happens in a property transaction? If the answer is no, you should probably engage an agent to take care of everything for you.

Can you be bothered to do your own research and execute the entire transaction on your own?

Ultimately, agents are there not because their work is rocket science or anything you couldn’t do on your own if it were a matter of life and death.

The real value in hiring an agent is the fact that they give you a whole lot of convenience, and have more complete knowledge of the market and how to smoothly affect a property transaction (from purchase/sale to completion).

In general, a real estate agent is more than someone publishing a sale listing on related platforms. He/she brings along with them a wealth of experience in analysing finances, managing and planning the process in transition to completing the offer and transaction. It protects both the buyers’ and the sellers’ interests and minimises any pitfalls that may occur. Reach out to HeyJoles if you need any further consultation or advice on any realty queries.

We offer on-the-ground experience and proven strategies that will help you achieve your objectives with a peace of mind. Proven track record for buying, selling, or rent of residential and commercial properties.

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