FPC flexible circuit board company Darlox Electronics: production orders have been scheduled to October

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  • Published September 2, 2021
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Recently, Darlox has received good news: In 2020, under severe market conditions, the company will still achieve annual sales revenue of 565 million yuan, an increase of 8% over 2019, bringing the full year of work to a full stop.

At Darlox Electronics, production orders have been scheduled until October this year. Workers are working overtime to catch up with the deadline. Darlox Electronics is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of FPC flexible circuit boards. Its products are mainly used in tablet computers, mobile phones, automobiles and other fields. .

In 2020, in order to complete the annual goal, the company will play a major role in scientific and technological innovation, and cooperate with universities in production, education and research. During the production process, researchers found that traditional manual operation equipment is not efficient, and researchers have developed a new technology. Using machines to replace manual production can save labor by 60% and increase efficiency by 30%. Researchers have found that the traditional 50-to-50-micron circuit is relatively large, which limits the layout of the circuit board. After working hard, they developed 25 pairs. The new 25-micron fine circuit technology is the first in China and fills the gap in the industry.

Driven by science and technology, Darlox Electronics has a strong momentum of development. Although it was hit by the epidemic in 2020, it still achieved the set goal for the whole year and achieved a perfect ending.

The FPC flexible circuit is light, thin and compact, and the shrapnel microneedle module is a one-piece thin-film design. It has strong adaptability in the field of small pitches. It can cope with the pitch value between 0.15mm-0.4mm. The connection is reliable and does not get pin stuck. , Constant needle, effectively guarantee the stability of the test.

After the FPC flexible circuit passes the test, it can enter the next process. In the face of the problems in the test, it is necessary to solve them in a targeted manner to better improve the performance of the FPC flexible circuit.

Darlox Electronic Limited (Guangzhou Zhijian Dianzi Limited)is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of custom FPC cables for flat-panel displays and the peripherals; custom cables for auto, mobile and office equipment; and also cables for almost all modern electronic products you can see. We cater to our customer's every need with our design services and quick lead time. Orders of large quantity and small quantity are both always welcomed.

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