What is the Hand of Fatima?

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Christianity is a beautiful religion and has many protection symbols. Nevertheless, you do not know what is the tradition that existed during the ancient Egyptian time or even earlier. The Hand of Fatima has immense power to bring good luck, prosperity, and protection to those who have it.

Are you aware of Talisman?

Basically, Talisman is a protective symbol, and Hamsa’s hand is one of them. The hamsa hand is spell into various words including hamesh, hamsa, chamsa, and khamsa. The popular interpretation of the word ‘hamsa’ is the five fingers on a hand and in Hebrew the five fingers on one hand. Also, the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “Hey”, one of the holy names of God. And, ‘Hamesh’ is the representative of five books of Torah. In Judaism culture, the symbol interprets as the Hand of Miriam and symbolizes the five senses.

In the Arabic language, this symbol is associated with the number five - which combines to the Greek or Turkish eye symbol. The Eye Symbol is an “all-seeing eye” that watches out for those who carry it. Also, by wearing it in any form people kept their faith in God. And, he will protect against the “evil eye”. There is another major sign of number five which, according to numerology, symbolizes the balance between the spiritual and materialistic world and overflows the abundance of protection and strength.

Another symbolism is the feminine energy and from an earlier time, this protection symbol was worn by women. Helps women to protect from harmful intent, fosters tranquility, and truth throughout well-being.

Structural Design of Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima is the right hand of God, an ornament that brings good fortune and health. Thereafter, this symbol is painted or decorated onto the doorknobs or the Middle Eastern countries & North African regions.

Hand of Fatima Significance in Religion

Every religion and culture has a different story about the Hand of Fatima symbol, some people believe it promotes fertility and location and is an important symbol to boost pregnancies. Recently, this symbol has been adopted by activists in the war to affect areas in the Middle East and this symbol reinforces the moral of unity among the people.

Let us understand the importance of the Hand of Hamsa in various religions and traditions

Buddhism and Hinduism

Surprisingly, the boundaries of religious faith are beyond our imagination. Thus, every culture embraces the faith symbols of each other. Both Buddhism and Hinduism have religious symbols representing the chakras.

Chakras mean the five senses and the flow of energy in the consciousness of the chakras in the body.

Thumb: The thumb represents the sense of sight and element of fire which reconnects with the solar chakra.

Index Finger: Touch to the air element and related to the heart chakra

Middle Finger: Represents the hearing and other elements and specifically related to the throat chakra

Ring Finger: Symbolizes the sense of smell and earth that connects to the root chakra

Small Finger: Association with the sense of taste and water element. Connects to the sacral chakra.

The connection established with this chakra is possible only with meditation and yoga and practicing mudras. With the help of hand and finger gestures, chakras are balanced. You can use gemstone jewelry like crystals and jewelry for healing properties.

  1. Christianity

Christianity represents the hand of Fatima as the hand of the Virgin Mary. Commonly represented as the fish in the center that represents power, strength, and femininity. It is one of those main symbols of Christianity but people generally wear it along with the holy cross.

  1. Islam

In Islam 'Khamsa' is Fatima Zahar, who is the daughter of Prophet Mohammed, and the symbol shows the Zahar’s struggle for dignity. Having Hamsa hand, the Muslim community believes that it helps to foster resilience, patience, faith, and royalty. thereafter, In Sunni culture, the five fingers represent the five pillars of Islam.

  1. Judaism

In Jewish culture, the hamsa is the “Hand of Miriam”, who is the sister of Moses and Aaron. The symbol is holy and pure protecting the people.


Having a Hamsa Symbol, you are following a tradition that has been a tradition from ancient cultures. Keep your faith strong on the symbol and it would help you to bring more luck, prosperity, and protection throughout your life. Therefore, We hope in this article, you get to know the importance of the Hamsa Symbol in various religious faiths.

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